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A guide to styling out single-dom this Valentine’s Day

Written by Gerard Jones

I have been single every Valentine’s Day since birth; that means that this February will mark my twenty-first V-Day I spend without a significant other – but don’t cue the tears and pity just yet, I’m honestly not bothered (really, I’m not…I swear…).

All jokes aside though, it really is just a day like any other. I don’t know if it’s because most of my friends are single or if it’s because in my head I’m happily married to Beyoncé and we have three beautiful, fabulous children, but single life on Valentine’s Day just doesn’t faze me.

However, if you do feel low about not having a partner this February then do not fear because help is here; there are plenty of fun things you can do that will ease your celibacy sorrow in no time.

Galentine's day

One idea is a Valentine’s Day in which you and your other single friends buy each other gifts and write cards saying why you value each other. Yes, it sounds pathetic and cheesy, but so is the whole concept of Valentine’s Day, so get shopping and spoil your mate-dates this February.

Scare yourself

Horror films will totally distract you from your longing heartache and in quite a lot of slasher films, couples tend to get split up (quite literally) and brutally killed. Wonderful – not only does this save you from watching cringe-worthy minutes of kissing and serenading, but it reminds you that single life is truly amazing.

Just think: if you did have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you might embark on a road trip only to have your car break down in the middle of nowhere, forcing you to seek refuge in an ominous house occupied by a strange yet welcoming old woman who – unbeknownst to you and your loving partner – keeps her psychopathic, murderous son in the cellar waiting to massacre innocent young couples who stray off the beaten path. Being single saves lives.

Paint the town red

And if you have your heart dead-set on not staying in, then go out with some of your single friends. Avoid cinemas and restaurants though unless you want to torture yourself. Go somewhere low key and take some time to unwind. Relaxing with some of your nearest and dearest might help you appreciate all the good things you have in your life – i.e. your wonderful friends. And as a wise girlband did once say: friendship never ends. Yes, I quoted Spice Girls. No, I’m not even remotely sorry.

At the end of the day, it’s all about perspective; it’s not like having Easter without chocolate or Christmas without a family. Valentine’s Day without a Valentine is just another day, and the sooner you realise that, the sooner you can be happy and love your life. Don’t let one commercial holiday get you down. And if you’re still feeling low, then just remember: supermarkets discount chocolate post-V-Day – the perfect metaphor for every cloud having a silver lining.