A guide to purchasing your first ever van

my first van
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Buying your first van is a MAJOR milestone! Literally a milestone you’d never forget not only because you’ll be spending a bunch of money on it, but because its a VAN! When choosing a van, you must know the requirements needed to be put into consideration whilst making your purchase. Most of the vans out there are equipped with the necessary tools like power and devices to be a reliable automobile. They’re highly dependable especially in longer distances and journeys around the country, however there are certain things that you need to keep an eye on before your purchase. To help you have the knowledge needed for your van, we’ve prepared a guide for your first ever van purchase!


1 – Budget – Set – Go!


We’re not only talking about your budget on the van itself, but the running costs it has to it as well. The issue with budgets is that you’ll either continuously stretch your budget to constant add-ons for your van or you’ll be forced to purchase one that isn’t the best because of your budget constraint. If you’re still enrolled in school, have a look at the best bank for students that would help you slightly expand your budget. Next, make sure you have enough money for running costs like fuel, regular maintenance and mechanical checkups.

2 – New vs. Old Van

Buying a new van helps you in purchasing new fuel efficient vehicles as well as provide you with  reassurance of a long warranty. You’d also be choosing your own specific requirements based on your needs. However with an old van, you can cut your budget to almost half but with some requirements you may not need! You still need to make major check ups on a used van if you decide to go for it. Here are a few things to consider whilst buying an old van:


  • Do you feel comfortable driving it?
  • Make sure you have an axle check
  • Do a HPI check
  • Check the van’s exhaust for any rattling sound


3 – How Reliable Is Your Next Van?

You wouldn’t want a van that would start breaking down after a year or so! Apart from making sure you have regular maintenance scheduled for your van, you also need buy a model that’s known for its reliability. Look for brands that aim for quality vans not fancy features and technological updates! A great tip to add when looking into quality brands is making sure there are nearby service centers around you. Here are UK’s most reliable van brands:


  • Ford
  • Mercedes
  • Volkswagen
  • Vauxhall
  • Peugeot
  • Mitsubishi


Ready to Buy your First Van?

Remember, the more you read the wiser you can be towards your purchase! Look for the size and type of van if you haven’t already then move onto the guide we’ve given you here. Make sure you set a budget that also have running costs included that would cover your van costs for a short while. And depending on your budget, you’d be able to take a decision of purchasing a used van or a brand new van. Finally, your choice of brand affects its reliability so look over the brands you’ve been aiming for and re-adjust some choices based on their level of reliability.

Finally, get ready to ride away!