What is an interlock device for your car?

Written by Nigel Simpkins

What is an interlock device for your car? Do you need it in your vehicle and can’t you do without it? Is it a requirement by law that you should have such a device? This is a common question that many who own vehicles have thought about. Well, an ignition interlock device for your vehicle is a breathalyzer that is installed in your car so that it can measure the level of alcohol in your breath. This kind of device is connected directly to your vehicle’s ignition system such that when a certain level of alcohol is attained, then your vehicle will not start.

How to use the interlock device

It is easy for one to use the interlock device for your car. You will need to press the activation button so that the word “BLOW” comes on the screen. Depending on the requirements of your state, you will need to blow the device. If one is not sure how to go about this, they can ask the certified experts in their state. Once you have blown the device, it will test the alcohol content on your breath and then tell you whether you have passed or failed the test.

Random Retests

Most of the states may require one to perform random retests so you can prove you haven’t been drinking. You need to provide breath samples when the vehicle is running as proof that you have not been taking alcohol. For this purpose, the interlock device asks you to do the retest. This happens when it produces a loud beep and then a message appears on the screen. The interlock device gives you enough time for you to pull over and do the test. You can submit the test and resume your journey.

Things to consider when buying an interlock device for your car

1.       What does the installation cost

How much will it cost you to install this device on your car? This is a question your call center representative can answer when you call them. With your driver’s license number, the state where the offense occurred, and the VIN of your vehicle. Find out if there are additional charges for remote starts or push buttons for the device.

2.       Ask for offers

As you buy the interlock device for your vehicle, get to know if there are offers by the sellers. They could offer free services such as free installation. However, get to know how much money you need to pay, if any, for the process. Will you need to give a statement credit? Will you jump the rebate hoop? All these are pertinent issues that can affect the cost of your car interlock device.

3.       Find pictures of the device online

This is another procedure that can lead you to the right kind of device. Remember you want to buy a device that is not too bulky. As such, you will benefit from checking online for non-bulky devices. You want to buy and install a small and discreet device that is not too visible.

4.       Ask about locations nearby

You may want to buy the device from a location near you. Location matters because it saves you time. A nearby location means that you will not spend too much time finding and buying the device.