When to take time to work out during Christmas

When to work-out during christmas
Written by Nigel Simpkins

In the aftermath of Christmas, a lot of people feel tired, groggy, and over-indulged – prompting them to start a new fitness regime. As a result, in January gym traffic increases by 40 per cent. However, a healthy lifestyle should be something we’re always concerned about maintaining.

December is typically a very busy and very indulgent time. For most people, health and fitness are not a priority. However, the Christmas period is just as good a time as any to keep fit. We realise that exercise can be difficult to fit in during the Christmas festivities, so here are our top tips on finding the time to work out:

Set aside fifteen minutes a day

The excuse given for not exercising during the festive period is usually that people are too busy with Christmas preparations. However, fifteen minutes a day of moderate exercise is definitely doable. This can be anything from walking, to yoga, to HIIT exercise – anything that’ll get your metabolism pumping! You’ll feel the benefits from not being completely sluggish, meaning that your Christmas preparations are more enjoyable and less tiresome.

Make exercise a social occasion

Christmas is a time where you start organising catch-ups with extended family members and long-distance friends. Instead of an expensive restaurant or a visit to the local pub, why not suggest a walk in the countryside or a visit to a local National Trust event? You can get wrapped up warm, explore some nature, and finish off with a festive hot chocolate, but most importantly, you’ll have managed to squeeze in some exercise.

Commit to working out early

It can be tempting to put off exercise – we always think we’ll get round to it, or that space in our diaries will magically appear. If you can, work out first thing on a morning in December. Not only do you burn more fat by working out on a morning, but you will also have the rest of your day for your commitments. Whether you’re off on the school run, to work, or for a day of Christmas shopping, try to fit in your exercise before you go.

Exercising with family

If you have children, December can seem an overwhelming and expensive time. You’re trying to cram in as many festive activities as possible, particularly in the Christmas holidays when it can be difficult to keep the kids entertained. Why not try getting your family involved with your workouts? Activities like bike riding and swimming can be cheap, fun for all the family, and a great way for you to maintain your fitness during the Christmas period.

A pre-Christmas retreat

You may be feeling like a little break in the run-up to Christmas, you might be trying to organise a get-together with friends, or you may be looking for that perfect Christmas gift. Why not try a fitness boot camp to help you gain fitness, lose weight, and feel great?