9 Ways to have a great Staycation

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Written by JennyRose

Going on holiday in the UK can be either really great, or potentially the worst and most boring holiday of your life, so in order to avoid having a terrible staycation, there are a few things you can prepare for. All you have to do after that is pray for good weather!

Bring a New Book

What’s more gratifying for a book lover than purchasing a brand new book, and delving into a completely new universe? Not much. Even if it does end up raining on your staycation, just find a comfortable nook and cosy up with a hot beverage and a great story. Perfection. If you need some inspiration, there are plenty of lists you can find online; for example, the Guardian has an article recommending the perfect summer holiday reads.

Make a Film

Why not channel your inner Spielberg and film everything and anything whilst you’re on your trip. It’ll give you something to do whilst you’re on the holiday, and when you come back you can edit it all (and maybe become a YouTube sensation, who knows?). Even though making a mini movie of your trip may not seem like a fantastic idea at the time, it’ll be so valuable to you in many years.


Who doesn’t love the romantic idea of gathering around a fire and roasting food, snuggling up and telling stories? Barbecues and firepits really set the scene for a typical, and memorable holiday, particularly if you’re visiting somewhere in the countryside or near the beach. You may be thinking that a barbecue is going to be pretty expensive, but there are cheap ones too – here’s a list of portable barbecues to choose from.

Treat Yourself

You’re likely saving some money by staying in the country, as opposed to going abroad, and so it makes total sense to splurge on other things… Like food, or souvenirs (but mostly food). You could have a takeaway night, or make pizza from scratch. You could buy a load of sweets and popcorn for your movie night, or have a fancy coffee in a nearby café.

Forget Work

It can be difficult to get into the ‘holiday’ mode when you’re still in the country, and so you’re likely to pick up the phone when work calls, check e-mails or catch up on some late schoolwork… Well, don’t! Either shut off your phone completely, or just turn off the Internet, you’ll be surprised at how serene it may feel, and you’ll feel totally relaxed and ready to take on the world once you’re back home.

Game Nights

No staycation is fully complete without an eventful game night! Bring some board games, video games, or even something as simple as a pack of cards on your holiday. Here are some cool and retro games that are perfect to take on holiday – yeah they make look lame but you’ll be surprised at how much fun these old games can be (especially when you’re stuck inside on a rainy day).

Make Plans

Ok, this might be a bit of an obvious one, but I’m definitely guilty of not doing this sometimes, so surely other people are too. You may feel more confident holidaying in the UK and thus less likely to be as super organised as you would be when going abroad, however, this may lead to wasting time, arguing about what to do etc. It’s so much easier to plan before you’re on holiday. It will not only be less stressful, but you’ll probably find much more to do when you’re searching on the Internet rather than walking around the area (although walking is a great way to explore when you have a lot of time on your hands).

Become a Tourist

Even if you’re someone who generally likes to avoid the tourist traps, why not try to enjoy it once in a while. It can be fun to act like a tourist. Wear your camera around your neck, take a backpack and fill it to the brim with snacks and supplies, marvel at landmarks, get lost in the city that you’re in (even if you’ve been there before).

Learn Something

Visit a museum or a gallery; you’re never usually too far from one in the UK. If museums aren’t your kind of thing, perhaps you wanted to learn a new craft for ages, like embroidery, or lettering? YouTube is a great and free way to learn new things in my opinion. Even just visiting a landmark, or botanical gardens would likely result in you learning something brand new.