7 ways to get the most out of your workout

Written by Nigel Simpkins

No one heads to the gym to get satisfactory results. Whether you want to shift a few pounds, boost stamina, or build muscle, you must set realistic goals from the offset to gain any sense of accomplishment from exercise. We all understand the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, but if you’re not getting the results you want, there are some things you can do to maximise your workouts.

Lift Weights

When we think about lifting weights, building muscle mass and bulking up may be the first things that spring to mind. However, experts say that there are many more benefits you can gain from weightlifting. Whether it’s improving your posture, enhancing sleep quality, or maintaining weight loss, lifting weights is one of the best ways to switch up your workout and help you get the most out of your exercise. If you’re the type of person that primarily does cardio, you need to factor in some weightlifting to balance things out.

Listen to Music

Whether you’re working out at the gym or prefer to be in the comfort of your own home, exercising in silence can make it more difficult to stay motivated. Boredom can set in and take your mind off exercise, which is why you should consider listening to music. Putting your headphones on and listening to your favourite music can improve the quality of your workout, boost stamina, and change your mood for the better. Motivational music can also have excellent psychological effects. Once you’ve finished your workout, make sure you stick on a few relaxing tracks that will help lower your heart rate and blood pressure. 

Work Out with a Friend

If you struggle to find the motivation for exercise, you may benefit from working out with a friend. Being with someone you know inside out can improve your confidence, boost self-esteem, and make exercise enjoyable and rewarding. You’re more likely to stay committed to exercise if you have a close pal by your side. Lifting each other up through the hard times and inspiring each other through the good times will improve your fitness levels and make exercise something to look forward to, rather than dread.

Hire a Personal Trainer

Some people decide that they need an expert’s advice to get the most out of their workout. Hiring a personal trainer can benefit you in numerous ways. Not only can they help you set realistic goals, but personal trainers can also be there for you on an emotional level too. Once you get into the habit of exercise and see the benefits it can bring, you may decide that you want to inspire others yourself by becoming a personal trainer. To start, you will need to enrol on a personal training course that will teach you what you need to know. You can even study for your personal trainer course on a part-time basis which is perfect for those who lead hectic schedules. You can check this overview of the courses available from one of the UK’s top rated providers to help you find the right personal trainer courses. Fitness will then become a part of your everyday life.

Take Breaks

No matter what kind of exercise you do, it’s important you take regular breaks. While you may have the motivation to go the extra mile, you could be putting too much pressure on your bones and joints, increasing your risk of injury. Should you get hurt during a workout, you will need to take time off to recover, which can be a nuisance. Although you may not want to, taking regular breaks and having days off from the gym is key for keeping in good shape. 

Drink Water

Whether you’re heading to the gym or working out from home, you must keep your body topped up with water. Staying hydrated is crucial for getting the most out of your exercise regime. Dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue, and muscle cramps, which can all hinder your performance. If you struggle to drink lots of water, having a water bottle with you will serve as a frequent reminder to keep hydrated.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Your quality of sleep has a real impact on your health and fitness. If you find yourself tossing and turning through the night, physical activity may be the last thing on your mind when you wake up. You need to be in the right headspace to get the most out of your workout. So, if you struggle to get enough shuteye, there are lots of things you can do, such as by removing distractions from your bedroom and going to sleep and waking up at the same time.

Regular exercise is critical for our health and wellbeing. Regardless of your age, gender, mobility, or agility, we can all benefit from physical activity. If you have started on a fitness journey and want to stay on track, all the tips above can change your workout for the better.