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7 luxury gifts that everyone deserves this Christmas

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. Families look forward to getting together, loved ones can’t wait to exchange gifts, and kids count down the seconds to their Christmas dinner. Although the festive period might be a little different this year due to Covid-19, it doesn’t mean that you can’t send a luxurious, thoughtful gift to remind someone that you’re thinking of them. Here are some ideas that we know your friends and family will love:


Who wouldn’t love to receive Christmas chocolates? This tasty treat is always a winner. If you have got a friend with a super sweet tooth, send him or her a lovely box of smooth, rich chocolates that they can tuck into. 

Silk pyjamas

Let’s face it, we’re not going anywhere exciting over winter, so we might as well all be comfortable. If one of your loved ones likes to get comfy and cosy, there’s no doubt they will love a pair of silk pyjamas to snuggle up in with a hot chocolate and film.


If your friend is forever getting their phone out to film and take photos, allow them to capture absolutely everything from now on with a GoPro. They’re tiny and can fit in a pocket, are wide-angled and can even be taken underwater!

Scented candles

Help set the mood in one of your friend’s homes and send some scented candles to their doorstep. Candles can help to make people feel relaxed, and some can even help individuals to drift off to sleep.

Running trainers

Is one of your family members or friends hoping to get fit in the new year? If so, you can provide your encouragement by sending them a pair of trendy running trainers. That means that they will be able to look good when they’re working out, too!


Know a friend that has had her eye on a pair of diamond earrings for quite some time now? If so, make her year by ordering them online and getting them sent straight to her door. Make sure you ask for pictures when she’s wearing them so that you can see how beautiful they are for yourself, too!

Smart speaker

If you know a music lover, why not give them the chance to play their favourite tunes even louder this year when a smart speaker? When you’re allowed to get together again, you can dance along to the songs being played, too.