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7 steps to help your relationship last the distance

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Written by Emmi Bowles

The Summer Holidays tend to be everyone’s favourite time of year. But for those having to leave their partners behind when they go home for summer, the warm weather and sunshine may not be enough to put a smile on their faces.

Long distance relationships can be the hardest type of relationship to be in and to keep going. Not only are you longing for physical affection, but behind miles apart sometimes means communication isn’t always easy. But there are a few things you can do to make sure things don’t go south this summer.

1) Skype is your new best friend

We live in the 21st Centruy, if your other half does not have a computer, laptop, tablet or phone that is capable of a form of video chatting then you might be screwed. Video messaging is the best way to not only communicate but have that feeling of your partner being there with you instead of down a telephone line. You can even get more creative and watch movies together for a virtual date night.  

2) Keep those keepsakes

Whether it be a letter, a photo or even their hoodie, keeping things that belong to your other half may make you miss them more, but it will keep that bond alive. Seeing things that remind you of each other every day will make you remember to send that text or send them a surprise present. Hoodies tend to be the favourite of those of us with boyfriends. Not only does it remind you of them as it traps their aftershave, but it keeps you warm during that unpredictable British weather.

3) Send gifts

If you are a student then the odds are you probably aren’t going to have much money, but sending your other half gifts, from post cards to chocolate, will keep them on their toes. Everybody loves to recieve a surprise present now and again. Not only will this brighten their day but it will spark a topic of discussion on the phone that evening.

4) Keep talking

Easier said than done I know, but there is nothing worse than sitting in silence whilst on the phone. Try not to ask the same old questions of what did you do today, but change topics so you have more to talk about and don’t end up putting the phone down on a bad note. There are an abundance of things you can talk about and if you know your partner well get them talking about something they love, not only will they be happier to talk about it but your conversations will last longer.

5) Plan a visit

Going home for summer does not mean that you can’t see you other half until September. If you have a job then save up to go see them. This is the perfect opportunity to visit a new place and meet the parents if you haven’t already done so. If your other half is in a different country or visiting is too expensive then see if you can meet in the middle. City break holidays aren’t pricey these days so not only can you get a holiday out of it but you can see them as well.

[Image: Couple’s getaway to Greece/Pixabay]

6) Make time

Going home means you get to see all of your old friends and your family, so the chances are you will be busy. But the worst thing you can do is ignore them. Although you both need to rememebr that each of you will have plans over summer, make sure you make time for them as well, even if you dont get to see them physically. A call or text every so often is all that is needed.

7) Relax

Although not seeing your other half over summer is upseting, you just need to bare in mind that it is only a few months. Your year at university went by quickly, so think how fast summer will go. When you get back to university everything will be back to normal and you will get to see your other half again. If you managed a whole academic year without your family and friends back home, you can go a few months without your partner.

What tips do you have for long distance relationships? Share them in the comments below!