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7 creative gift ideas for couples

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Gift shopping can be difficult. It can be hard to know what to get someone, and to gauge their potential reaction to it. Will they love it? What if they have one like it already? This is made harder by the constant noise and buzz online around gift products and shopping websites. There’s always something new to buy, and it can be dizzying to search through.

Buying for one person can be hard, but buying for two can be even harder. What can you get that special couple in your life? Whether you’re buying for a friend and their partner, your parents or your colleagues, shopping for couples can be a nightmare.

To help you out with this task, we decided to pick out 7 of our favorite gift ideas for couples, and pop them together in this blog post. We’ve picked a whole range of products, covering everything from sporty gifts to home decor.

Personalised table lamp

Getting someone a sentimental, personalized gift always goes down well, so opting for one like this here could be a great move. Why not get your special couple a present that symbolizes something important in their life together? Personalized home decor is a fantastic idea.

This intriguing service from Iswanan helps to turn a photo into a line-art styled 3D lamp. This would be the perfect gift for newlyweds or new homeowners.

Matching hiking water bottles

Hiking is all the rage right now, so getting your loved ones matching water bottles to take with them would be a very thoughtful present. It’s important that you pick ones that are made from high quality materials, so you know that they’re going to last.

We’re big fans of this stainless steel water bottle by Kool8, and think it would make a perfect present for the sporty couple in your life. It’s practical and useful, and would show them that you pay attention to the things that they enjoy.

Customised star map

If you’re shopping for star-crossed lovers, you need to get them a customized star map. It’s a beautiful and elegant way to commemorate a special occasion, and would be absolutely gorgeous as an anniversary present.

Twinkle In Time offers some great star maps, with plenty of different customization options and interesting color palettes to choose from.

Coffee or tea set

Whether they drink coffee or tea, an artisan drinks set is a fantastic gift for couples. This is especially true if they’ve just moved into a new home , and you’re looking to get them a practical yet beautiful present for a housewarming party. You could even throw in a set of biscuits or crackers and chutney to seal the deal for this gift idea.

If you’re looking for inspiration here, we’d suggest checking out this Coffees of the World Gift Set from Whittards. It’s a wonderfully wacky yet useful present, and would be great for the over-caffeinated couple in your life.

Luxury hamper

Hampers are always great gifts, and they’re especially great for couples if you know that it contains things that they both enjoy. Why not get them a personalized hamper, or try to make one yourself with their favorite products? You could purchase a wicker basket and build your own luxurious hamper for them to unwrap.

Of course, there are plenty of amazing hampers already premade online for your perusal. If you want to get a premium standard hamper for your loved ones to enjoy, take a look at this Huge Hug Luxury Hamper as a starting point.

An actual star

Our final gift suggestion is to simply get your beloved couple a star. No, we’re not joking – you can actually buy the name of a star, and give this to somebody. Take a look at the Star Name Registry to see how this incredible gift idea works in motion.

To sum up

As you can see, shopping for couples doesn’t need to be tricky. There are some amazing gift sites and interesting businesses online, all with plenty of goodies on offer. Before shopping online, always make sure that you read the description and product reviews first, so that you know exactly what it is that you’re paying for.

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