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5 ways to spend more time together in 2016

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Written by Emmi Bowles

I always say I am going to set myself some goals in the New Year, but I rarely think about how I can achieve those goals. Relationships, whether they be family, friends or romantic relationships are important and we need to make more time for them. But how? I thought I would share with you 5 ways you can spend more time together with the people you love in 2016.

Date nights

One special night a week, a fortnight or even a month where you plan to do something. It could be anything from a Netflix and Chill session or a nice meal out. All that matters is that you are spending time together. Phones off and laptops away. Make these date nights about you and your partner only, and take some well-deserved time off together to enjoy your relationship.

Day trips/short breaks

Not everybody can afford to go away on holiday for two weeks a year, and especially if you are students. But taking a day trip on the train to another city to go shopping, visit a museum or even go camping can give you some space from your everyday life and make the time you are spending with each other a little bit more memorable.

Give gifts you can both enjoy

Whether it is a birthday gift or simply just to say ‘I love you’, by giving gifts you can both enjoy you have an excuse to get out of the house and do something together. These gifts could be anything, such as restaurant vouchers, cinema tickets or a ticket to go see your favourite band. Chocolate and flowers are nice and romantic, but the experience of a gig or going to the zoo can be much better.

Do simple things together

I know it may not be possible to see your other half every day but if you can then start doing everyday tasks together. If you both go to the gym, then go together. If only one of your goes to the gym or plays a sport then invite the other one along. Cook together, go shopping together. I’m not saying start living out of each other’s pockets, but life can get busy and by the time you have had a chance to sit down and speak to your other half for the first time that day it is bed time. Make little tasks something you can do together.

Start something new

It could be a club, a sport or gardening. Anything. By starting a new hobby/learning a new talent with your partner then you have something in your schedule that means you have to spend time together. If you both like movies then join a movie club reviewing films. Or if you enjoy wine then find a group where people discuss wine. Not only do you get to meet new people who enjoy what you enjoy, you have something else to discuss with your other half.

What are your tips on making more time for your relationship? Let us know in the comments below!