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5 ways second year is easier than first year

I think it’s safe to say that once you enter your second year of university you’re extremely anxious about the “massive workload”. Not only that, but the fact that this year counts towards 20 per cent of your degree is enough to leave you shaking in your boots, so you opt to work 10 times harder. However, at the same time you feel a sense of peace because you feel settled and more reassured about what you’re doing and no longer wandering around like a lost puppy as you were in first year. I’ve found that since starting second year of uni: 

1) You finally understand what your lecturers are talking about

Let’s be honest, no matter how passionate you are about your course, we’ve all been at a point where we had no clue what a particular theory was all about nor understood the fancy words uttered in lectures. After guilty and rigorous revision during the summer holidays you now know the theories, concepts and terminology inside out and can actually use it in your work and vocabulary, instead of wondering what the heck it means.

2) You have established a good circle of friends

Maybe they’re your housemates or a collective of people that each bring something unique to the table. Either way you all have common interests and choose to be in each others presence – unlike being stuck in halls with flatmates you are barely cordial with. Best of all in second year you meet new people! Probably more than you met in a whole week at Freshers, who come from all walks of life that you can learn from and appreciate. You may also find companionship with people on your course that you didn’t know existed or never saw yourself speaking too before.

3) You feel like you belong

You’re naturally settled around university – There’s no more awkwardness trying to find a seat in the canteen because you’ve got your favourite lunch spot or whacking the printer trying to get it to work, realising you haven’t actually scanned your student card! Of course you run into some issues now and again but you’re better off than you were as a fresher. If you can find your rooms, use the library’s system, access your timetable, know who to go to and where to seek help for work, finances etc. you’re definitely more at ease. If you don’t, grab a student guide ASAP.

4) Developing a stonger passion for your course

If you have that will therefore make it much easier to approach lecturers for help and seek the resources you need to do well in your degree, career prospects and personal life. These will maximise your motivation and dedication to study. If you aren’t so certain about your course, speak to one of your tutors, family members or friends who you know will give you some words of wisdom.

5) Getting to know yourself more as a person

You prioritise the things that make you a ‘”better you” on this journey. You join or become part of societies that you have an interest in, you become better at dealing with your finances and have identified the things you need to work on and press towards those goals. 

If you’re a second year let us know how you’re finding it in the comment below!