Who wants to listen to The Noise Next Door? You Do!

Nobody likes to listen to the noise next door…or do they? Well YES! They do! But that’s only because The Noise Next Door are a group of five young ‘gents’ who have been causing laughter and excitement on stage for seven consecutive years at the Edinburgh Fringe. They’ve been together for eight years after meeting at uni and creating their own brand of ‘off-the-cuff’ humour.

Feel Good Humour

So what do we know about these guys? They regularly appear on BBC1’s The One Show, headlined BBC3 The Edinburgh comedy Gala 2014 and last year had to extend their tour due to extraordinary demand for their Improv shows. So with no script, they leave it to the audience to offer suggestions which they turn into hilarious stories, witty one liners and ‘explosive physicality’, backed by their feel good brand of humour.

Charlie, Sam, Tom, Matt and another Tom…let’s call him Tom H (although he knows the words to all the Disney films, so we could call him something else…) have been described by The Guardian as “Comedy gold…Staggeringly well executed”, while The Stage said “This is the 21st century comedy at its very finest and funniest.” If you want to check them out before seeing them on tour they have an extensive youtube channel. I particularly liked their remake of 50 Shades of Grey –although let’s face it, that wouldn’t have been difficult.

On stage for an hour with a new show every night the boys are back on tour. Having started in September 2015 they will be making you laugh all the way through to April 2016 . That’s a lot of hilarity, songs, wit and banter to get you through the winter months.

Check out their website for tour dates.  We could all do with some funny banter and men in sharp suits to cheer us, couldn’t we?