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5 Tips to help you throw a perfect house party…

Well, as we all know it’s Summer (or the British version of it anyhow) and that means party time.

Well, as we all know it’s Summer (or the British version of it anyhow) and that means party time. Sadly not all of us have booked up a party holiday and those that have may not receive their passports back in time (bummer) – but there is a way to have a fantastic party right where you are. Literally, where you live!

That’s right I’m talking house parties! House parties/drinkups/social (probably alcoholic) gatherings are a great way of being around your friends without well, being around other people! They seem to have died in recent years however, with everyone going away or out to paint the town a sort of red. But why? House parties are fantastic… when you do them right, of course.

How to Throw the Perfect House Party

See, there are do’s and don’ts to throwing a house party, you DON’T want to end up with someone vomiting on your cat or kicking a hole in the wall but then you DON’T want everyone sitting around picking their toes or talking about picking their toes. You have to find a balance, the very fine line that makes a house party epic and fun without anyone getting hurt, bored or covering the cat in vomit. We’ve all watched Project X I’m assuming? Yeah, we don’t want anything like that SO here’s a list of how to throw the perfect house party!

Supply Supply Supply

The FIRST thing I’m going to say is make sure you have enough supplies! That’s air supply, chair supply, water supply, basically everything supply. The worst thing to happen is everything runs out and your guests are left with nothing to eat/drink/do. They WILL get irritable, not Hulk irritable but irritable nonetheless and you don’t want that! You, being the host, have to supply a decent amount of items (whether you’re supplying drinks or food) but on top of that ask everyone coming to bring a bottle or food to add to this, that way everybody wins! You don’t run out and there is literally enough drink/food for everybody. No item? No entry! Display it all on a table within reach of everybody and buy some plastic cups, pop the first bottle and fill everybody’s cups, then they’ll all help themselves afterwards (with moderation).

Hide Yo’ Purse, Hide Yo’ Shoes

This is not because you don’t trust the people coming, but simply because you don’t trust the HANDS of people coming! Hide any valuables or breakable objects because if someone breaks something the mood of the night will INSTANTLY drop as everyone will feel more awkward. Not nice. Also you may not fully know everybody coming so yes, hide that £579 watch and those Louis Vitton shoes! If they go missing you’ll be left crying in to your Primark pumps!

You Are The Music Man

You may not be a world renowned DJ or make your own beats but you do have to have some kind of music playing just to you know, set the ambiance. Trouble is not everybody has the same taste (if they did this would be easier) but to solve this I suggest doing one of two things:

1) Use two rooms in your house and lay different music in each.

2) Make a few CD’s and keep switching them whenever people get bored.

Failing that, you could always you know, sing to them – but I doubt people would want that. It’s a simple solution that will keep everybody happy! ALSO, don’t choose music you know people don’t like, choose club hits or upbeat tunes that will get people moving, happy and excitable! No Adele “Someone Like You”, you don’t want that overly emotional girl crying about her ex all night. No no.

Pick A Person Properly

Now, we all know that one person who gets drunk and vomits all over the world. See that person? Watch them. I’m not saying don’t invite them, just watch them. Something that can ruin people’s moods is having to babysit another person. Make sure nobody needs to be babysat – everyone should drink enough to get merry, but that’s all. Also, whilst we’re talking about the type of people attending, don’t invite people you know will cause trouble or bring the mood down, it may seem harsh but in any house party you want the mood to be electric, everyone up, everyone happy. An if there are people that you know who just don’t get along with each other, well keep them apart. It has to be done, son.

Sit Back and Enjoy The Show

The main thing about throwing a good house party is making sure YOU have fun. This is your event, if people see you are miserable they will feel bad for having a good time around you! You need set the tone from the start to the end, when you get up and dance people will follow, you pop the first bottle people will do the same. It’s your job to make sure everybody feels relaxed and comfortable by being relaxed and comfortable yourself. If people see you’re on edge they’ll feel anxious and anxious guests make for an uncomfortable atmosphere. If you’re smiling, dancing, having a laugh people are guaranteed to do the same, no one wants to be the party pooper and people will follow in your dancing footsteps of happiness if you keep the moods high!

So there you have it. Five simple and easy steps to make sure you house party is an absolute success, follow these and you’ll have a great time inside with your friends and create some summer memories that will last forever…