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7 Things that you can do at home on a rainy day

So it seems we’re set for a washout summer, with dreams of hot sunny days and long sultry nights a thing of the past.

So it seems we’re set for a washout summer, with dreams of hot sunny days and long sultry nights a thing of the past. If the Twittersphere is to be believed, the only entertainment options are to read Fifty Shades of Grey, or watch some big sports tournament thing that we’ve heard is coming up. However, if neither sports nor “Mummy porn” are your cup of tea, fear not, we have some suggestions of how to amuse yourself, no ark required.

Play Monopoly

You will become very knowledgeable about all things financial, and as we’re anticipating a few senior banking positions becoming vacant quite soon, it could be a great career move for you. Who cares that you study social anthropology and the only time you set foot in a bank is to extend your overdraft. A summer of intensive Monopoly is enough to prepare anyone for a job in the banking sector (or so recent events would have you believe). Even better, buy a Make-your-own-opoly kit and design one for your own town/university campus.

Have a Friends Marathon

No, we don’t mean running 26 miles with all your friends, although if your house is big enough to allow you to do that then kudos to you. Sit and watch the TV programme the whole way through from the first episode to the last. Of course, other TV programmes are available, but if you were a nineties child/noughties teen, then it’s got to be Friends. This should take a good couple of days, if you watch solidly.

Do all of your Christmas shopping online

Yep, you read that right. After all, it’s less than six months until the big day. If you get it all done now, you can return to uni feeling very smug, avoid the madding crowds come the Christmas rush and you don’t even have to leave the house. Although don’t do that really annoying thing of putting the presents in a safe place that’s so safe you can’t actually find them again and have to buy them all again come December. Not cool.

Release that inner novel

There are very few people who have not, at least once in their lives, claimed that they are going to write a book. Three months of free time and no expenditure required – go, go, go!

Build a fort out of toilet rolls and sit inside eating biscuits.

Party Rings are best as they bring a sense of childhood nostalgia to the occasion, allowing you to further shed your inhibitions and not feel silly. Of course, the problems begin if you don’t have any biscuits in the house (or toilet roll – but if this is the case, then you’ve got bigger problems, which we can’t help you solve), which brings us nicely on to the next idea.


I hear some of you groaning here, but stick with it. It’s relatively cheap, quite therapeutic, can be done whilst catching up on New Girl or with music blaring out, and mentioning freshly baked cookies is the best way to get your friends round to your house, meaning that for once you don’t have to venture out in the rain to see them. Plus, all that whisking and blending negates the calories of the finished result, right?

Memorise the first 10 pages of the dictionary

Again, stick with us here, this is more of a long game. It may not sound like the most thrilling of activities, but imagine the look on your friends’ faces when you go back to university in September and shock them with your use of words such as “archaeopteryx” (some sort of dinosaur bird) and “apocryphal” (we’ll let you look that one up yourself). See, you’re having fun already. In fact your friends will probably be so blown away with your extensive new vocabulary that they’ll forget you were trapped in rainy Brixton all summer whilst they were off saving the world one tribe at a time. To mix it up a bit, start at the back and work forwards. Z is so much more exciting than A after all. For really wild times, open the dictionary at a random page and start memorising.

Of course, this probably comes quite far down the list of possible activities, somewhere between sticking pins in your eyes and giving the dog a bath. We’re guessing it still comes above doing the pre-reading for your course though?