5 minutes with Duologue as they release ‘Underworld’/’Zeros’

Duologue are putting the finishing touches to their debut album at the moment, expected in early 2013.

Duologue are putting the finishing touches to their debut album at the moment, expected in early 2013. Ahead of this they released double a-side single ‘Underworld’ / ‘Zeros’ on October 29 (Killing Moon records).

What can people expect from your debut album?

A bit of a journey we hope. It’s a fairly broad listen in terms of styles and draws on lots of musical interests and moods.

Describe your music in ten words or less.

Singing. Beats. Violins. Guitars. Bass. Sampling. Synth. In. Your. Ears.

Tell me the story behind your single coming out later this month.

It’s a double a-side. There’s Underworld, the last song we wrote for the album, and Zeros which is older. We co-produced it with Jim Abbiss (Temper Trap, Arctic Monkeys, Adele) which was an amazing experience. Underworld came together in the studio and was a bit of a battle but we thought a nice entrance point to our music. Zeros is a bit more brash and bassy.

Why should people buy it?

Because we think there is enough depth in our music that it warrants a real listen. And because it is cheaper than a pint and lasts longer.

Love the design/photo for the single but what does it mean and who thought of it?

Glad you like it. We saw the image at the RCA graduate show and its by a great young artist called Ai Hasegawa. It’s a still of an installation where the two people are locked in an embrace and share a breathing bubble which recycles the air that they share. It seemed so striking and to resonate with the themes of solitude in the song Zeros, as well as Underworld, it also works nicely with Duologue. We worked with Ai to develop the video for Zeros.

What song can you not get enough of at the moment?

The Doldrums – Egypt. We’ve been working on a remix of it so had it on repeat to get into the tune. The detail in the production is pretty nuts and it’s a cool song. I’ve had it in my head for the last five days. Glad to say we’ll be playing with them in NY in a week or so.

What’s your top tip for getting used to the cold weather?

Be prepared. I did the whole of last winter without appropriate shoes or jacket and the net result was that I was predominantly miserable.

What would Duologue’s menu be if you cooked on Come Dine with Me?

Individually we’d nail it. Together however may be a disaster. We’re all fairly foodie and pretty handy in the kitchen as well as opinionated. Lee would do Asian fusion. Seb – Italian. Tim may try and recreate a Jamie 30 minute meal in an hour and a half, minimum. The other two of us would probably be overambitious and mess it up.

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