5 indie artists you need to listen to

Orfila - Kettle Mag, Lorna Holland, music
Written by themaxdog

With the music scene thriving, here are 5 of the best indie artists currently on the music scene in the UK.

1. Orfila

Orfila are an acoustic trio hailing from Kent. Siblings Abi, Louise, and Matt play acoustic folk-pop music, with a distinctive sound and impressive three-part harmonies. Orfila regularly play shows across London and the south-east, and have played alongside artists including The Script, Rita Ora, and John Newman. Their debut album Writing On The Wall was released in September 2014.

2. Ricky Dean Howard

Singer-songwriter Ricky Dean Howard is an up-and-coming acoustic solo artist from London. Ricky is a regular on London’s live music scene, performing his music with passion and emotion. His debut single Tears Will Fall was featured in the blockbuster German film Vaterfreuden. Ricky’s signature is the catchy melodies and clever lyrics of his songs, definitely making him one to watch.

3. Macatier

Dan Brown, aka Macatier, is a 23 year old ‘upbeat acoustic’ musician from Surrey. Influenced by Blink-182, his music has a raw and fresh acoustic feel. Macatier has toured the south of England extensively, supporting and playing alongside acts including Brand New, Saves The Day, and All The Young. His latest EP This Boat Is Definitely Sinking was released in December.

4. Dream Aria

Dream Aria are a Toronto-based prog-rock band. What makes Dream Aria stand out is their fusion of the traditional rock sound with other musical genres including world, classical, new-prog, and techno. Lead singer Ann ‘Aria’ Burstyn’s distinctive vocals dominate the sound, providing the perfect accompaniment to the music. Dream Aria aim to “create music without rules or boundaries that takes you on a far away journey…”

5. Oliver Daldry

20 year old Oliver Daldry is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter. One of the stand-out moments of Oliver’s music career so far was when he supported James Blunt on his Moon Landing tour in London last December, but Oliver has plenty more in store for 2015. He recently released his latest track Darkness.

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