30 Years of TV’s Neighbours

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Written by Georgiethejourno

It is fair to say that over 30 years Neighbours has produced some super stars. The likes of Kylie Minogue, Delta Goodrem, and Jason Donovan, have spawned careers after the show, and how could I forget that lesser known actor, Liam Hemsworth? Nah didn’t think you’d know him.

There have been death’s disappearances, fires, murders, plenty of affairs (Mainly Karl Kennedy) and the odd wedding here and there, Scott and Charlene anyone? But it has been the stalwart of Australian television over 3 decades with unforgettable storylines and memories that have entertained us, made us laugh and made us cry, because we all must admit that we all shed a tear when Madge died.

So what do they have planned for the 30th anniversary episode?

Well we know for definitely who is returning…

Yes. Delta Goodrem, who played school girl Nina Tucker, will be back for 3 episodes. When we last saw Nina she was jetting to be global singing sensation with her boyfriend Jack Scully. There has been no word on whether Jay Ryan will be reprising his role as boyfriend Jack Scully, so it will be interesting to see how they have developed in the last 10 years.

Others that have been confirmed Ian Smith and Anne Charleston who played Harold and Madge Bishop. Though it seems we will be seeing dead people as the latter died on screen in 2011. Last seen in 2007, Stephanie McIntosh who is also now a singer will be re appearing as Sky Mangel, Melissa Bell as Lucy Robinson and Nell Feeney who played Janelle Timmins. Original cast member Paul Keane will return as Des Clarke, could Kylie come back too?

Who knows? It’ll certainly be exciting but as a Neighbours addict, what is my dream episode?

I’d love it to be a celebration rather than an explosion. I know it sounds boring but it is a major milestone, and shouldn’t be about the biggest blast or cliff hanger. It would be fantastic for the whole street to get together, much like a jubilee celebration. 

Maybe Sky will come back a bit wacky and find a hidden video of Madge…But yet again this is prime time television isn’t it and with Erinsborough partial to an explosion or two – someone will die and Paul will escape with his life. Again. 

Who would you like to see return? Let us know in the comments selection below.