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3 tips to quilting during a pandemic

Written by Nigel Simpkins

The quarantine and lockdowns are causing a sense of helplessness among people. Despite this powerless feeling that we experience, there are a lot of things that we can do to counteract them.

You can start or revive a hobby you have long been finding time for before this pandemic happened. Doing crafts such as knitting or quilting can help de-stress during this time of the pandemic. The online community is teeming with ideas that can support your interest in various needlecrafts. If you want to know more about quilting and quilting materials, this website may help you out:

The future may be a bit blurry these days because of the pandemic, but there are activities such as quilting or any crafts that can occupy your hands and minds to keep off the negativity. It is important to keep our body safe and healthy and the mind as well. Here three tips on how quilting can help yourself and others during a pandemic.

Reduce Anxiety by Sewing

It has been observed that activities like needlecraft can be therapeutic and help reduce stress. Having been cooped up inside your home for a while can take a toll on your mental health and bring anxiety to higher levels. In times like these, you have to make sure that you are healthy in both body and mind. If quilting can make you happy, bring out your fabrics, needles, and sewing machine and start sewing.

Help your Local Quilting Shop

With the pandemic still in our midst, many businesses are affected and continue to struggle. Lockdowns keep people in their homes to stay safe and maintain social distancing. Brick and mortar stores such as your local quilting shop can feel the struggle of losing daily clients due to the pandemic. There are many things you can do to help out. Shop for your quilting supplies online. If your local shop does not have a website you can order from, maybe you can call the store and place your order. You can have your materials delivered to your home to lessen physical contact.

Maximize Time by Quilting

During the pandemic, we spend most of our time at home with more family members and friends than ever before. These times are more challenging for some people with work, home chores, and online schooling for the kids. But despite all the responsibilities to juggle daily, it would be best to find the time with quilting. Quilting has the ability to bring you some sense of calmness.

Make your sewing equipment, materials, and quilt work easily accessible so you can sneak in some quilting time in between chores. You can also try waking up earlier in the morning to do a little bit of sewing or before going to sleep at night. You may also work on your quilt while the kids are doing their homework. Find the time to sew that works best for everyone at home.

The pandemic is difficult for most, but we can help each other stay afloat doing the things that can bring us joy, like quilting.