3 reasons why you should move to London

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Some of the most popular world tourist attractions exist in city of London. London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Tower of London, the Thames River and many more make London not just one of the greatest cities in Europe, but also in the world. It’s no surprise that London is the most popular tourist destination with around 30 million people visiting each year and more wanting to live there.

There are so many reasons why moving to London can be one of the best decisions you could ever make, but we’re going to try to boil it down to 3 main reasons, which is really hard to do!

1- Safety

Taken into consideration that there is no city in any country in the world that is crime-free, London still remains to be safer than many other cities. The number of officers employed by the London Metropolitan Police is in the range of 31,000. Officers take their job seriously, and as long you don’t do anything silly, you’ll be in good hands. In fact, probably the most dangerous thing you’ll come across is looking at the wrong side of the street while crossing the road, as traffic runs at the left side of streets. . As long as you’re careful, and avoid certain places that have higher crime rates, London, in general, is a very safe city.

2- Creative city

The city is 2000 years old and is rich in culture. Architecture from the Roman, Tudor, Stuart, and Victorian periods and more still stand in the city, not to mention its richness in literature and being a financial hub. Educational opportunities are also an enticing factor with over 40 colleges, not to mention some of the best schools around. Alongside of this, it’s also a city full of opportunity if you want to break into the arts, as music, acting, fashion, writing, and all types of art and design. Because there’s so much to do, you should consider hiring Royal Cleaning London  to keep your indoors clean and neat while you explore more outdoors and get to know the city better. Much of London began as individual towns and villages which means that every area has its own distinct style and atmosphere, with plenty of variety.

3- Pubs and food

To say London has a lot of pubs and restaurants is an understatement. Londoners truly enjoy their beer and other drinks, which could explain why there are around 7000 pubs splashed across the city. While British food has often gotten a bad rap, it’s all changed now with restaurants of every kind nearly on any block. The multi-national nature of London has led to more diversity in food.

Never a Boring Moment

It’s really impossible to get bored in London. It’s the perfect place to entertain your guests when you become one of the locals. The different ethnic groups living amongst one another has made London the biggest and one of the most tolerant cities of all races, colors and genders so that you never feel out of place.