20 Things American TV Taught the Rest of the World

Over the years, American TV has shaped a little bit of who we all are. Whether it’s the catch phrases that we use or examples from shows to illustrate social situations, or simply using box sets to help us cope with sickness and heartache, American TV has taught us a lot. You might be surprised how often these little life lessons come to mind.

1. It really is okay to never cook. Ever.

Evidently, cooking just takes away time from socialising and enjoying life. Takeaway is the way forward.

2. You can survive anything as long as you have good friends.

Whatever challenge they faced, at least they always had each other. *sobs quietly*

3. You will most likely stay in the same city as/live together with/marry and divorce your friends.

Well, if you can’t do it with them, who can you do it with?

4. Dancing. Solved. Everything.

5. Money never equals happiness.

Even if it does equal amazing cars that no high schooler could possibly truly own.

6. Bullying is real and it doesn’t limit itself to school.

And looks do matter, even if we try to convince ourselves it doesn’t.

7. Also, vengenace is acceptable. And often sexy.

8. Getting married ridiculously young is still a viable option.

Oh, wait, maybe we were supposed to believe that they were adults. Oops.

9. All police answer their phones using their last names. All of them.

That’s how you know they’re legitimate.

10. And no TV detective ever has an easy personal life.

You just can’t let them enjoy their home lives, can you?

11. The South is either a gun-toting hell hole or the happiest place on Earth.

I guess it really depends on which era you’re into.

12. Americans love beer.

I could start the list of characters but it would NEVER END.

13. In-laws damage your state of mind and general well-being. 

But are also amazing scape goats and free babysitters.

14. Being a doctor in America is the worst job in the world.

Suck it up Casualty, you’ve got no idea what they’re dealing with over there.

15. Sex simultaneously ruins and solves all life’s problems.

It’s also kinky, passionate and seamless.

16. You’ll never be as funny as a sitcom.

Even if you can write like one, you can’t sound like one. It’s a special kind of riddle.

17. Magic exists.

Believe, muggle.

18. It is possible to become romantically attached to any TV show.

Even the bad ones hold a place in your heart.

19. It’s okay to mock people.

Especially if it’s yourself.

20. True love exists.

They made us believers.


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