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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sheffield Hallam University

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Sheffield Hallam University is one of the largest Universities in the UK with around 34,718 students (2,931 of which are students from overseas,) and 4,421 members of staff. In fact, we have the fourth highest number of enrolments in the UK and 94% of SHU Graduates are in employment within six months of graduation.

So here are ten things you may not have known about Sheffield Hallam…

1. Environmentally Friendly

The University had adopted a great sustainability policy whereby it has received a first class award in independent national ranking of the most green, ethical and sustainable universities, finishing in 14th out of 143 UK universities in the 2013 People and Planet Green League. In fact, three-quarters of the SHU’s waste is recycled and is the only institution in the UK to hold both ISO14001 for environmental management and ISO50001 for energy management, across all of its operations. 

2. Lecturer’s Eco House

Sustainability is a policy adopted by faculty members as well. Professor of Architecture, Julian Marsh, built her own home (Marsh House in Nottingham) which was announced as one of The Guardian’s Top 10 Eco Homes in the Country this year.

3. Wallace and Gromit

Nick Park, the creator of Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run, studied Communication Arts at Sheffield Hallam when it was still known as Sheffield City Polytechnic.

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[Image: Stew Dean via Flickr]

4. The Top Modern University in Yorkshire and the Humber

Now, if you’re a SHU student, you will definitely know this one as it’s plastered all over campus, but for those of you who know little about the university, this fact may surprise you. Not bad for a former Polytechnic, huh?

5. Cutting Edge

SHU’s Centre of Sports Engineering Research designed a gravity powered snow sledge for the risk-taking, speed fanatic Guy Martin to help him break a new world record earlier this year. 

And then in November, they helped him break another one. This time for fastest downhill speed using a gravity racer.

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[Image: Sheffield Hallam University]

6. Gay Friendly

SHU has been named as one of the most gay-friendly universities in the UK, scoring 10 out of 10 in the Stonewall Gay by Degree Guide.

7. TVShack 

Here is some trivia for you; Richard O’Dwyer the creator of (a streaming link website similar to LetMeWatchThis) was a student at Sheffield Hallam when he created the site. 

8. This Is England

Not only is This is England filmed in Sheffield, but the producer, Mark Herbert, studied Film Studies at SHU! He is also the head of Sheffield-based production company, Warp Films, and is also known for his work on Four Lions, Dead Man’s Shoes and Submarine.

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[Image: lolanda Ogando via Flickr]

9. Location, Location, Location

With the Peak Distract being just 5 miles from the centre of Sheffield, you have the best of both worlds; a city to live in and socialise, with Mother Nature right on your doorstep. We even have two different campuses; city campus and collegiate campus. The city campus is made up of modern sleek looking buildings, whilst the collegiate campus consists of traditional brick buildings, surrounded by vast amounts of greenery. 

10. Our SU used to be a museum

The Hubs, which many SHU students joke is one of the ugliest buildings in the country, used to be a Museum called the National Centre for Popular Music. Designed by Nigel Coates Architects, each ‘Hub’ or ‘Drum’ had its own theme. ‘Soundscapes’ had a 3D surround sound auditorium, ‘Perspectives’ looked at the use of music for different purposes and ‘Making Music’ allowed for hands-on fun for children, allowing them to create their own. The final Hub was meant to be a place to experience different music from around the world, with the exhibitions frequently changing. However, this never actually happened. 

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What do you think about Sheffield Hallam after reading some of these interesting facts? Have you been? Are you tempted to visit or study there?