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10 Best Things about the University of St Mark and St John, Plymouth

Written by jasmineparr_

Small campus 

For me, the idea of a huge, spread out campus was not my idea of fun. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I came on an open day at Marjon and realised just how small it was, it most definitely makes things less scary and daunting from the off whilst also not making you have to do the awkward ‘going up to a stranger and asking where your lecture is’ talk, a thousand times! 

Friendly buzz all year round 

The ‘friendly buzz’ around campus and the university in general is one which never seems to die, there’s always someone that will walk by and give you a smile or stop you and have a little natter on your way to lecture. 

The dining in card 

The ‘Dining-in scheme’ is the best! Once starting at the university they give you a ‘dining-in’ card which has the equivalent of nine hundred pounds on it! This is my saving grace when I need to pop to the uni shop for some milk and a loaf of bread or I just simply can’t be bothered to cook and so head to the canteen. 

Canteen food 

You can always rely on the food at Marjon to be top notch, whether you’re feeling something light like chicken goujons with sweet chilli dip or a hearty burger and chips, it’s yummy and with the menu having more delicious meals added to it after never being changed in 3 years, things can only get better! 


This is the sporting event of the year in the city, Marjon and Plymouth Uni go head to head in a range of sports across two weeks, to bring home the bacon and be crowned champions but not only that, during that time both uni’s raise amazing amounts of money for their chosen charities of that year. 



Well done to @marjonladies for their 5-1 Win today & congrats on the strong season finish! 

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Supportive lecturers

Speaking from my experience and a few of my friends, the lecturers are always very supportive and no matter how stupid you think your question is or how stuck with an assignment you are, they’re always there to guide you through it, no matter how little or small a problem is. 

Living a 15 minute drive from the sea 

I’m fortunate in the respect that I grew up living by the seaside and so there’s something special about being able to hop in my car, take a 15 minute drive and be by the sea. It’s great to clear your head or to just get out and about after days of being stuck in doing work. 



Another beautiful morning on Plymouth Hoe for graduation! #PlymGrad #plymouthuniversity #plymouthhoe

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Having a connection with your Students' Union President & Deputy President 

As our university campus is so small, it’s easier in the way of getting to know the ‘important’ people. All of us here know that we can go into the student union office anytime and voice an opinion or problem to either our P or DP and we’ll get heard. 

May ball 

Once your hand-ins are done and exam week is over, May ball is the best event to let your hair down and get in full summer spirit. It’s a 12 hour drinking affair from 6pm-6am (or you can start earlier if you don't think you’ll die) and you make memories that last forever. 

We’re one big community & family 

Being part of one big community and what feels like an extra family is one of the best feelings, the Marjon family is a strong one and we all know we are here for one another, no matter what!