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Your money and your life. Why switch to vaping?

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Smoking is on the decline all over the world, and ecigarette use is on the rise. In every corner of the globe, people are mulling over the reasons to switch to vaping. Some people want to do it for their health, others want to save some money, and others still just want something that tastes better than a tobacco cigarette.

But are taste, tar and cash really the right reasons to switch to vaping?

We think so. And in this blog post, we’ll explain why.

There’s a far better range of flavours

Let’s face it. If you’ve decided you want a nicotine fix instead of quitting outright, you’ve got a few options.

Cigarettes. Which taste of cigarettes. Or of cigarettes with some menthol. And here’s the thing every smoker knows deep down. Tobacco tastes pretty horrible. That’s why there’s no tobacco flavour soda, or tobacco ice cream.

Gums. Which taste of mint. Not nice mint like you’d find in a normal chewing gum. Medicinal, dentists’ mouthwash mint. Not exactly everyone’s favourite flavour.

And then there’s ecigarettes. Sure, you can get toasted tobacco eliquids for your vape, but that’s not all you’re limited to. A quick look at the stock available in a British high street shop shows you can have a whole range of minty flavours, sweet flavours, fruity flavours, sweet and fruity flavours, minty fruity flavours and even some sweet, fruity, minty flavours, minty flavours. You can also use vapes for weed if you have a dry herb vaporizer.

A far wider range of taste sensations. That’s a good reason to switch to vaping.

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There’s no tar in a vape

One of the main reasons that smoking is so bad for you is the sheer amount of tar that your lungs absorb when you smoke a cigarette. Health concerns are one of the main reasons people decide to quit smoking or switch to vaping, so a lack of tar is a huge incentive.

But how much of a difference does vaping really make?

In this video, Public Health England perform an experiment. It’s not dead complicated.There are no Bunsen burners or bubbling flasks. Just three jars filled with cotton wool. They run air through one, eliquid vapour through another, and tobacco smoke through the third.

And they keep doing it until they pass a month’s worth of air, vapour or smoke through the jar.

The air jar is clean, as you’d expect. The tobacco jar is clogged with sticky, waxy brown tar, as you’d fear. And the eliquid jar? There’s a tiny bit of discoloration, but nothing major. So there’s another reason to switch to vaping. Less tar in your lungs.

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It costs less to vape

Let’s look at the average UK smoker. Let’s call him Derek. Every second day, Derek goes to the UK’s most popular supermarket and hands over £10.35 for twenty cigarettes.

Over a month, Derek buys 14 packets of cigarettes for £144.90. Over a year, he’s spending £1,883.70 on cigarettes. That’s more than the average couple spends on a week in the sun.

Derek’s mate Alex decided to switch to vaping. He smoked as much as Derek, so he’d spend as much too.

So he heads online to a budget vape shop like 88Vape, buys an ecigarette (1 x £5.99), some spare clearomisers (4 x £1) and a month’s supply of eliquid (15 x £1). Which costs him a grand total of £24.99.

In just one month, Alex has saved £119.91.

Over a year, even if he replaces his electronic cigarette a few times, he’ll save over £1500. Which is enough for that week in the sun we mentioned above.

So here’s the third and final reason to vape. You’ll save loads of money. Enough money, in fact, to take yourself off on holiday for a week.

Sounds like a superb reason to us. Share your reasons for switching to vaping in the comments section, or on social media.