Working abroad: is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

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Written by Kayleighrhart

With third term looming, for most of us, thoughts turn not only to upcoming exams but also to how we’re going to spend that long, highly anticipated summer that follows. So, what to do with all this newfound free time?

For those of you who have heard half of your friends talking about their planned jobs and the other half dreamily going on about all of the travel they’re going to do, and have thought to yourself, “Hey, why don’t I combine the two!”, here is everything you need to know about working abroad.

It won’t make you rich

If you decide to work abroad, especially at a summer camp, you’d better not be in it for the money. With living costs and the minimal wage of your job (and, you know, the occasional night out), you’ll be lucky to actually break even at the end of the summer.

You will probably get homesick

Unless you’re 100% glad to be rid of your ‘rents for the season, you’re going to miss home. You’re going to miss having your big, cosy bed, a fully stocked fridge and, yes, you may even miss your family.

The living conditions won’t be great

Again, this applies mainly to working at a summer camp. Even if you end up with a company who are generous enough to give you a caravan, it will be cramped and will be shared with one or two of your colleagues and if you aren’t the tidiest of people, it can become a mess more quickly than you realise. If you do end up in a tent, fear not, you will still have 21st century commodities like lights, a fridge, a hob and actual beds, but it will get very cold at night, so pack layers!

It won’t be easy

Even if it’s 30 degrees outside and everyone else is off to the pool or the beach, don’t forget, this is still a job! Yes it may be a lot more relaxed than a 9-5 back home, but it is a job nonetheless. Going out every night and stumbling back in the early hours of the morning may not get you fired (as long as you’re not causing any trouble) but it will make your job a hell of a lot harder, especially if you’re working with kids, and won’t do your minimal bank balance any favours either!

It will all be worth it

Now, this is the most important thing you need to know. Even if you end up lacking sleep, not getting nearly as much of a tan as you imagined and asking your Mum to send over your favourite teddy because you missed home that much, working abroad is worth it. You will have the chance to make lifelong friends, experience a whole new country and culture from a non-tourist perspective and gain invaluable life experiences.

​So if you’re on the fence about working abroad this summer, go for it! You won’t regret it.

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