Will Nico’s week of joy continue in Hockenheim?

The past few weeks have included some huge ups and downs for Mercedes’ current drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. In Formula 1s last outing at t

The past few weeks have included some huge ups and downs for Mercedes’ current drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. In Formula 1s last outing at the British Grand Prix, where Silverstone celebrated its 50th anniversary, Rosberg, who leads the championship standings by 4 points, was forced into retirement after a gearbox failure.

The German was leading the race, ahead of Hamilton, and it is debatable as to which Mercedes driver would have gone on to take the win had Rosberg not retired.

Hamilton himself triumphed, reigniting the fierce rivalry between the pair as the Brit attempted, and managed, to close the gap in the standings. Now that 4 points separate the teammates, though mates is perhaps not the best word to describe their allegedly tempestuous relationship, they will no doubt be driving to their maximum at the German circuit of Hockenheim this weekend.

Rosberg’s Delight

Despite Rosberg’s retirement two weeks ago the past week has seemingly been pure delight for the German. The 29 year old finally tied the knot with his long term girlfriend Vivian Sibold in an intimate ceremony in Monaco and the images of them currently circulating the internet show a pair obviously in love. Nico has said about the wedding that it was ‘very emotional’ and ‘felt just right,’ he seems very much a man in marital bliss.

No more than two days later Rosberg was intensely watching his home team in the World Cup final. After a spectacular semi-final, where Germany had thumped Brazil 7-1, it was a tense match to watch as the European side took on Argentina. Germany went on to win the cup after Mario Gotze scored with only 7 minutes left of extra time.

And as if all this wasn’t fantastic enough for Rosberg it has also been confirmed that the German has signed a multi-year contract extension with the Silver Arrows, a German team themselves. The contract is believed to have been signed in May but only now have Mercedes confirmed it.

So can this be Rosberg’s week? With more and more positive news in his favour being released this week it certainly seems that a home win could be on the cards for Nico. Could Hockenheim provide Rosberg with his fourth victory of the 2014 season?

A Stop to The Plans

Sadly for Nico some of the happiness does end there. Rosberg released images on Thursday of a new helmet design that he wished to display at this weekend’s race.

But FIFA have put a stop to this, claiming that an image of the World Cup on Rosberg’s helmet would breach ‘intellectual property’ rights. Rosberg has thus had to change the design and instead of the inclusion of the cup he has opted for the national flag and four stars, an emblem of Germany’s four World Cup victories.

Will this upset from FIFA set Nico back or spur him on for the win? Will it be a week to never forget for Nico? And if so will it be for the right or wrong reasons?

Either way, car issues aside, it looks likely that either Hamilton or Rosberg will be standing tall at the top of the podium having taken the win this weekend. And judging by the 2014 season so far Mercedes look set for a victory which would be their first at Hockenheim.

Who do you think will win? Have your say in the comments section below.