Why the Lush Spa in Edinburgh is a must visit

Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of trying out one of the amazing Lush Edinburgh Spa treatments. The experience was out of this world incredible.

Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of trying out one of the amazing Lush Edinburgh Spa treatments. The experience was out of this world incredible. At the Lush Edinburgh one-year anniversary, other bloggers and I got a VIP tour of the spa and had a sneak peak of all the amazing treatments they offer.

I have been to quite a few spas in my time but none was like the Lush one. Straight away I knew I had to try one of their amazing treatments.

What differentiates the Lush spa treatments from most spas is the fact that they offer you a complete experience. From the moment you walk in the spa until the moment you leave, you feel like you are in a different universe.

A new vision

According to the creators of the Lush spa, they wanted the spa area to feel like a cozy, welcoming home. From the big wooden table to the comfy couch, and even the vials on the wall and candles, the room has this lovely warm, rustic vibe (and to think that just one floor up we have one of the busiest shopping streets of Edinburgh).

Out of the eight different treatments they offer, I chose to go with The Good Hour, a deep tissue massage to fix aches and pains.

At first glance, it sounds like it is a plain, ordinary deep tissue massage, but it is SO much more. The Good Hour treatment took inspiration from the seaside to create a treatment where knots in your body are untied, and you feel free and ready for your next adventure.

Prior to the treatment, Lizby,my therapist for the day, sat down with me and explained in detail how the treatment would work and which products would be used. We then went back to the upstairs shop and picked out the best products for this specific treatment—lots and lots of calming massage bars.

I was speechless when I entered the treatment room. The soft layer of smoke on the floor, the faded blue lights and the deep-sea soundtrack made me feel like I was on a ship or near a beach. It was a transcendental vision.

When I first lay on the bed, I was quite tense but the combination of the music, dimmed lights and the lovely work from Lizby made me felt really comfortable and relaxed.

A new me

She massaged my whole body but focused on the tense points around my lower back and shoulders.

At the end of the treatment, I genuinely felt that I had just been on a voyage and my body was revitalized. All those aches and pains were gone and it took me a few minutes to accustom to my “new body”- without the normal aches and pains.

The treatment was very relaxing and it actually got me feeling quite sleepy.

Still on a high from the massage and all the beautiful aromas from the spa, I took a seat on the outside waiting area and got offered some lovely tea with a pinch of rum (this is a sea life treatment after all) and some biscuits.

This down time was perfect for me to reconnect with the real world. Lizby sat next to me and told me of my points of tension and no surprise there that I should try to relax more. Those that know me will know that I am one of the most uptight people they now and relax is not a word in my vocabulary.

However, this experience did open my eyes to the world of spas, especially the Lush Edinburgh one because of how unique it is.

If you have been thinking about going to a Lush spa, definitely go for it! Even if you have been to other spas, like me, the Lush one not only focuses on relaxing the body but also refreshing the mind.

What do you think? Have you been? Have your say in the comments section below.