Why I’m voting #Bremain

On June 23rd I will be voting to remain in the EU. Well my dad will be voting for me via the proxy system as I will be away.

Here are a few of the many reasons why I am voting to remain in the EU.


I’m currently writing this article while on a trip to Uzbekistan. I have had time to discuss the European Union with students who have never lived within its borders and have simply observed the actions from Brussels.  The students outside the EU who I have spoken to have witnessed the unity of European nations through the EU and admired the collaboration of crisis management during the recent European migrant crisis as a result of this unity.

This phenomenal unity comes with an integration of culture and values. The European Union enables us to study with international students from across the continent and experience culture exchange. This is something that I have been lucky enough to experience while studying in London. Leaving the EU would mean a decrease in young internationals coming to the UK, draining us of the cultural knowledge we need to recognise and appreciate the shared cultural values across Europe and embrace it. The Euros 2016, small pockets of violence aside, are a perfect example of cultural integration and harmony within the EU.


In addition to political unity and cultural exchange, being a member of the EU comes with travel benefits. Being a member of the European Union allows for travel across the continent of Europe without restrictions. Having one of the most powerful passports in the world, I can spontaneously book a city break, hop on a cheap Ryan Air flight and stay in a clean, safe hotel knowing that my health care is covered if I were unfortunate enough to fall sick.  The European Union holds airlines such as Ryan Air and Easy Jet to account, ensuring that they provide us with all inclusive prices, meaning that the days of unexpected tax costs on top of what you’ve already paid are gone.  Additionally, being a member of the EU means that I obtain an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which ensures that I will avoid extortionate health care fees if I seek health care while traveling within the EU. This luxury and security is one that we’d most likely loose if we left the European Union. 


Finally, With the free travel through the Schengen Agreement I am also able to work abroad without requiring a visa, if we vote to leave the European Union, no one knows whether we will need visa’s to live and work in the EU, putting limits on millions of young people with aspirations to work within Europe. Additionally, we currently have the potential to study within Europe, and fake part in exchange programmes, again, this could be eliminated through a UK Brexit. 

There are many reasons to vote to stay in the EU, these are just the reasons which as a student I feel passionate about, without entering an emotional political debate. 

If you’re registered to vote please do use it on the 23rd June, see you at the polling station! 

What do you think? Should we stay or go? Have your say in the comments below.