Why I Stopped Wearing Makeup

Written by Steph Hallson

Hiding behind make-up

A few years ago, you would not see me outside without makeup on. There was absolutely no way I would leave my house with bare skin. I would feel naked if I didn't have on my foundation, contour, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. Being perpetually conscious of what I looked like, I was constantly trying to cover up my bad skin. 

However after years of having foundation on my face all day, almost everyday, and with my skin getting progressively worse and worse with increasing breakouts, I decided something needed to change.

Time for change

So, with bated breath and a lot of courage, I decided it was time to completely change my routine. I gradually decreased the amount of makeup I wore over time, and saw my skin continually improve- until I was wearing no makeup at all. The best feeling of all was being able to feel comfortable and confident in my own skin! 

Healthy and happy

It has now been a few months since I stopped wearing makeup and any blemishes I had on my skin have completely cleared up. I still wear makeup for special events or going out on a night out, but usually my skin is bare and I’m super comfortable with that now. Since I don't wear makeup anymore, I have also taken better care of my skin. Regular exfoliation, cleaning off my makeup before bed if whenever do wear it, and making sure I moisturise everyday in order to keep my skin healthy and glowing naturally. 

It truly pleases me to be able to say that actually yeah, without makeup I am 100% comfortable in my own skin. The decision to stop wearing make-up has been uplifting: I realised that I don’t need a range of cosmetic products to feel beautiful.