Where would Arsenal be without Robin Van Persie?

Written by jameshartnett

Countless times already this season Arsenal have looked vunerable – and that’s putting it mildly.

Countless times already this season Arsenal have looked vunerable – and that’s putting it mildly. A 4-3 loss to Blackburn early in the season was just a taste of things to come, with the Champions League qualifiers also losing in heavy fashion to Manchester United last month. Aside from their recent win against a vulnerable West Bromich Albion on Saturday, their 3-1 win against Stoke City last weekend was almost yet another disappointing result had it not been for Van Persie. Arsenal are walking a tightrope, and without their ring-leader they’re just moments from collapse.

The frontman has scored an astonishing 25 in his last 26 matches for Arsenal now, including starts from the bench. No other player in the English leagues can come close to this – Lionel Messi, arguably the best player on the planet, can only just about boast such a comparative hot form.

Yet spectators cannot help but think that without RVP Arsenal would be struggling even more. In the eight matches that Van Persie has scored so far this season, Arsenal have racked up 16 points – this including their Premiership and Champions League campaigns. Had it not been for his goals, Arsenal would have clocked up just seven points in the same amount of games. This kind of form would have seen them occupy a relegation spot in the Premiership whilst severely struggling in the Champions League.

With the likes of Fabregas and Nasri departing from the Emirates this season, Wenger has lost two reliable and steady sources of goals. Walcott is out-of-form, and Gervinho is only just starting to settle into life in London. Chamakh has scored just two goals in his last 23 games, without a single assist this season.

The Arsenal bench isn’t exactly bubbling with talent up front either. Besides Arshavin, who can be quite hit-and-miss in front of goal, it’s no wonder goals are hard to come by for the North London outfit.

Although he hates doing so, it can’t be too long until Wenger is going to have to invest in more players come January to bolster his squad. Without mentioning Arsenal’s defensive problems, simply put, the team cannot continue to rely on one player to rescue them day in day out, and until another striker, playmaker, or winger is found, this isn’t going to change. Otherwise, it may just be coming time for the Peremiership’s second-longest serving manager to call it a day.

Certainly, Arsenal fans may feel optimistic about winning six of their last seven (including a Carling Cup win against Shrewsbury Town), but their rise in the table is all about Van Persie and Van Persie alone.

This leads me to think just one thing. What happens when Robin Van Persie gets injured?