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6 possible effects of keto diet to your sex drive

Keto diet and sex drive
Written by Nigel Simpkins

The keto diet has been having an increase in popularity over the past few years. The promising benefits linked to this diet are quite compelling – weight loss and better overall health.   But the effects of this diet obviously extend beyond a slimmer version of yourself and improved physical wellbeing; the diet can also affect your sex drive.

But how exactly does this happen? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Initially, Your Libido Might Take a Dip, Only to Increase Later On

After getting on a keto diet, you might first notice your libido go down. There is actually evidence based on the relationship between keto and sex showing that this happens.   However, after adjusting to this diet, the libido rises again, even going past its initial levels. So, at least in the long-term, the keto diet is good for your sex drive. The decline in libido is believed to be caused by the severe limitation of carbs that this diet involves.  

2. Healthier Weight Might Boost Confidence and Sex Drive

Having a healthier weight after a prolonged struggle with excess weight can be quite the confidence booster. Confidence can do wonders for your sex drive, especially if poor body image has gotten in your way of having a fulfilling sex life in the past.  

3. Fats May Increase Estrogen and Testosterone Levels

A keto diet will typically require that you consume more fats than you initially did before going on this diet. This fat has been shown to result in increased estrogen and testosterone levels, which naturally means having a higher sex drive.

4. The Diet can Make you Less Fatigued, Which can Increase Sex Drive

A keto diet can make your more energetic, especially if adhering to it comes with some noticeable weight loss. When you are less tired, you are more likely to be in the mood, which is another way of saying that your sex drive will increase due to this diet.  

5. You Could be Eating Meals that are Better for your Libido

After leaving whatever diet you had before starting to follow a keto diet, it is possible that you will start consuming foods that are better for your diet and reduce an intake of foods that mess with your sex drive. In this way, a keto diet can affect your libido noticeably.  

6. More Activity Might Increase Sex Drive

Being more active has been shown to be better for your sex drive. A keto diet can result in weight loss, and this naturally results in increases physical activity for many people. Consequently, the more active lifestyle a keto diet gives you might give your sex drive a boost.  

The keto diet has many adherents, but few take the time to look past the weight loss benefits of this diet. But as far as your sex drive goes, a keto diet can affect a multiplicity of factors directly linked to your sexual health, which is why it might affect your sex drive in a variety of ways.   Above are some of them. Although the diet might initially lower your sex drive, it will result in a greater amount of libido once you adjust to the diet.