What is #SplitHair?

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Written by Renate O'Connor

We’ve had our fair share of hair trends as of late, with a new shade for the brondes, the classic ombre and even granny hair. Not forgetting Kylie Jenner undoubtably sparking the biggest rise in the sales of blue hair dye the world has ever seen whilst she changes her hair colour every five seconds.

But it’s not stopping there, with another trend now well and truly taking the land of Instagram by storm – #SplitHair

Now I know what you’re thinking, split ends!? Aren’t we meant to avoid those…? Well yes, but these kind of splits have nothing to do with any dry damage at the end of your locks – I’m talking about the top. It basically involves dying your hair two totally different colours, split directly down the middle. Honestly, I couldn’t make this up if I tried…

A touch of Cruella di Vil

The most popular and biggest contrast seems to be black and white/grey, with a number of users going for these two colours together. It certainly makes a statement and looks amazing with some fierce eyeliner! This would work best if your hair is naturally quite dark, as for one it’s a lot easier only having to bleach one side of your head and also your skin tone is more than likely to suit going that bit darker with the black. 



Who would have known that I was still alive?! I’m sure you all thought that I would have a different haircolor by now

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My favourite colours together (mostly because they remind me of my childhood fave My Little Pony) are the lighter pastel shades. Pink and purple couldn’t get any more girly, whilst adding some turquoise makes you look like a mermaid… and who doesn’t want that? This is perfect for blondes or light brunettes as the vibrant colours are more likely to come out better after dying. If you have naturally darker hair I’d definitely consult a colourist before trying this at home. 





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Au Naturel 

Not quite so crazy about all that colour? Why not try a slightly lighter or darker shade of your natural colour right alongside it. It still has the wow factor, without being quite so in your face about it. 



Into my hair haha #twotones #splithair #brunette #blonde #bowietop 

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Whatever colour you choose, this certainly isn’t a trend for the light hearted. 

So now you know what it is, would you be brave enough to give it a go? Send in your #SplitHair selfies to or tweet us @KettleMag for your chance to win two contrasting colours of your choice!