Ways to get some great last minute city breaks

We all know those people that have their annual holiday and then exclaim ‘Well, the summers over now’ when we all know that summer has only just started.

We all know those people that have their annual holiday and then exclaim ‘Well, the summers over now’ when we all know that summer has only just started. Why should summer end so quickly for some of us? There are so many things to do, see and experience.

Whether you’re being a true Brit lover and taking advantage of the places that we have on our doorstep, or whether you decide to be a jet setter and visit all the cultured cities around the world. Whatever takes your fancy, there are certainly last minute city breaks for everyone around.

The shopper
If you’re a true shopper, then you’ll find good shops wherever you go and this is a fact. The best last minute city breaks for shopping are said to be Manchester, Leeds and York (but please be careful of the old fashioned cobbled streets as both my mother and friend have been a victim of these design flaws). However if streets filled with Topshop, River Island and New Look aren’t your thing then head further afield and visit New York with the likes of Macys and Bloomingdales or even the up and coming shopping area of Japan (however, I think here it would be hand painted craft rather than the latest crop top with tassels on it).

The sightseer
Most cities have great sightseeing opportunities and I know I will probably be hunted down for saying this but I find it awfully boring. One recommended city for this activity is London (been there, done that, went on the millennium dome 3 times *yawn*). This is going to sound seriously uncultured but my view is why would you want to walk around looking for something that you can just Google…? I know I know, how awfully ignorant of me. Paris is also a good city for sightseeing (but I’d rather sit and eat bread and cheese in a little Parisian café) as well as the likes of Edinburgh where you can visit the castle and dungeons.

The eater
Now this is more what matters to me. Again like shopping, there will be good bars and restaurants in most of the well-known cities. Go abroad and try foods that you would never have tried before and truly experience the cultured taste. Even though the pasta in Prezzo may be lovely it won’t be the same as Rome and Paris will definitely have a better choice than Café Rouge. Closer to home, try London’s Heddon Street for a vibrant buzz or even go to Soho for a tasty Chinese.

The adventure man
For people that like to do rather than sit, then the world is your oyster. Venice has to be up there with one of the best adventure packed cities with the canals, bridges and piazzas (and no I haven’t just spelt pizza wrong.) A weekend in Venice also wouldn’t be complete without a trip on a gondola so release your inner child. Seville in Spain also prides itself on its crazy and wild nightlife conducting vibrant and exciting festivals throughout the year and this can be said for Dublin in Ireland too. Barcelona is also one for adventurers as you can explore the sites as well as taking part in sea excursions and live life on the fast side before going back to your normal 9-5 job.

The relaxer
If sun, sea and relaxation are for you then look no further than the gorgeous beaches in European cities. Rome, Portugal and Barcelona not only have bliss beaches but also have things to do for other members of the group so you won’t constantly be woken up with ‘Can we go to the sea?’ or ‘Can we hire a boat and go sailing for 3 days?

Sound tempting? Well most of these cities have great deals on meaning that there are simply no excuses NOT to go.

What do you think? What is your ideal city break? Have your say in the comments section below, on Facebook or on Twitter.

Photo: Sebastian Dooris