US Powerball jackpot winning tickets claimed

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Written by Alex Veeneman

Three residents of the United States were sold winning tickets for the large Powerball jackpot worth $1.5 billion (£1.03 billion). The residents were based in California, Florida and Tennessee, and were confirmed in the drawing early Thursday GMT.

One of the winning tickets was sold at a 7-Eleven convenience store in the Los Angeles suburb of Chino Hills. The clerk of that 7-Eleven said it was his pleasure to have his store be one of the places where the winning ticket was sold.


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There were 26.1 million winners in Powerball overall in that drawing, with some winning at least $2 million (£1.39 million), and a majority of those winners winning at least $1 million (£693,361).


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In the Midwestern state of Ohio, there were 3 $1 million winners. Danielle Babb, a spokeswoman for the Ohio Lottery, in a telephone interview, said the interest was significant because of the volume of the jackpot.

“The sheer volume is a world record,” Babb said. “We’ve never seen it that high before.”

The jackpot had a cash value of $930 million, prior to taxes.