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University of Sheffield freshers week: The tweets

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Written by sianabigail

Freshers’ Week has drawn to a devastating close, and hungover students are realising that we are actually here to study, and lectures begin tomorrow. As a second year at the University of Sheffield, I had the delight of witnessing wide-eyed freshers roaming around the local shops, wondering what to do with their new found freedom.

Of course, the answer for most people is to go out, drink and eat pasta all week. Our union has been voted number one in the country for four years running and this year over 5,000 first years moved to this South Yorkshire city, so below are some tweets that sum up the University of Sheffield freshers experience. 

Sheffield is a place that leaves an impression. For us second years, returning to university was of intense excitement and we just couldn’t wait for another year of Tuesday Club, the infamous Corp and a Broomhill friary takeaway. I would happily do without the numerous hills and instead reveal in the simplicity of flat ground, however.




Others were rather intimidated by the influx of new talent.



Each year, the University of Sheffield runs both an activities fair and sports fair. They are well promoted on social media, and for good reason, as the Octagon and Union becomes inundated with curious and eager students who want to dabble in Korf ball or join Cocksoc (that’s Cocktail Society to you and me). They are a great place for us to grab lots of freebies and convince ourselves we will go to that “give it a go” session, as well as actually signing up to sports clubs or societies. This year I’m determined to make use of at least one mailing group I joined.





Every Sheffield fresher quickly learns about Corp Wednesdays. Corp is a strange land, filled with white shirted young adults, downing blue pints and screaming along to Arctic Monkeys. Below, this reflective lass is warning freshers about their imminent (and mostly figurative) death if you drink too many of the four-shots-of-unnamed-vodka-and-lots-of-wkd concoctions.



A famous and delightful burger restaurant called Bungalows and Bears reminded all freshers that part of being a student at Sheffield University involves dragging yourself down to the local Sainsbury’s on a Sunday afternoon when you realise your milk has gone off. Thankfully, there are many places to eat a delicious burger if cooking is too much of a task.



Famous faces often make appearance at Sheffield, returning for the thriving student scene.  Most freshers will make a trip to plug in intro week, as it is a pretty standard club with everything from House to indie music to choose from. Gaz from Geordie Shore obviously cannot resist.



Sheffield is also notorious for its music scene, and Plug is amongst many nightclubs which welcome some pretty cool musical names.



I did say that music is the life and soul of Sheffield, and our union’s “Poptarts” night is no exception. It plays the cheesiest of songs from your childhood and recent years, and whilst not the place for sophisticated music loving, it’s guaranteed to get you singing the words to pretty much every song, and almost certainly to the random person next to you. Like this Fresher, poptarts can leave you feeling rather tender as the horrific yet fantastic playlist is best enjoyed drunk.



For the House heads, The Tuesday Club is the place to be during freshers. People weren’t disappointed with this years initial line up which included Chris Lorenzo. It sold out a week before the event and desperate students were buying second hand tickets for triple the original price. Tuesday Club takes place in the depths of our union and that can often leave you feeling rather bemused if not a little uneasy about the shameless clash of studying and partying.



Whilst people from other University’s had serious line-up envy, Sheffield undergrads were more likely to have an epiphany whilst bobbing about under the flashing lights.



These tweets below are merely to emphasise the grandeur of our freshers week. This humble, friendly and hilly city leaves people wanting to put themselves through another year of education just so they can come back, or risk being sued for pretending to go here.  



In typical cretin-like spirit, some people really go all out during freshers and make the most of the cheaptaxi prices, as its all pretty local, decent alcohol prices and wide range of nights to choose from.





Students aren’t all about the alcohol, food and clubbing. Sometimes we just yearn for the simple joy of heating and internet connection. I’m quite upset that they didn’t give out free pizza slices this year.



What do you think about the Freshers’ experience? Have your say in the comments section below.