Travelling: It’s a small world, or is it?

It took me over 12 hours to get back from Ecuador and almost 24 hours for my friends to get back from Australia. The Disney song “it’s a small world after all” definitley feels a bit far fetched after so much time on a plane. However, less than a week back from my holiday and I am already looking forward to my next trip

Amazing holidays

Since I have been back, so many friends have told me how jealous they are of my trip and I make sure I tell them not to be. Everyone can and should go on amazing holidays, whenever they can. This small world has so much to offer and even if you have been lucky enough to travel for years and years, I assure you that there is still much more to see.
Let’s go for a quick quiz.
This summer you need to get a car but also want to go on holiday- what do you do?
A) spend all your money on a lavish/dream car and work all summer to pay for it.
B) get a cheaper car and go on a two holiday with your partner/ friends and then work part time for rest of summer.
C) go traveling all summer across South East Asia/ South America/ Europe and worry about money later.
Answer: B) and C)
Obvious really.

Travel now – worry later

I have definitely done option B) in my time and traveling opens your eyes to the wonders of the world. Even option C) is an obvious choice and whilst I don’t regret not traveling for several weeks at a time I can see the appeal.
Let’s be honest about the car. It will spend the majority of its time parked on the street or drive away OR you will be driving it at an average speed of 20/30mph.

Any site you go on they talk about lifestyle and these include food and drink and travel. What more do you need and what does a holiday help with. Usually there is good food and being on the UK and from London, holidays lend themselves to cheaper booze and meals. It is about trying new things, seeing different places and experiencing an array of cultures. Even with a holiday in the UK this can be achieved. It is not a small world but we sure can connect with it in an easier way today.
A picture on the net or a postcard can not replicate the feeling of actually going to a destination and seeing it in the flesh. My last holiday was to Machu Picchu and then the Galápagos Islands. This cost me an arm and a leg but I for not one percent regret my decision. With my fiancé I got to experience my best holiday ever and will keep memories that will last me a lifetime. The great thing is that any and every holiday has this potential. With Easter holidays approaching and summer soon after make sure you go on an adventure. It is not a small world, it is a big amazing one with so much to see. The only problem is trying to see it all. Good luck with your travels and if you’re jealous of someone else’s trips then make sure you book your trip now.
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