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Top five must have mobile apps for graduates

Written by n-phull

It’s that time of the year when your Facebook timeline gets littered with pictures of friends wearing gowns and throwing their mortarboards in the air.

It’s that time of the year when your Facebook timeline gets littered with pictures of friends wearing gowns and throwing their mortarboards in the air. While graduation is a happy season for many, the job market for departing students continues to be a challenge.

Luckily there are apps for just about anything these days and here’s a round-up of some of my favourites that should get you ahead in the workplace, the road and even the world…

LinkedIn (Available on Windows Phone, iOS and Android)

Sometimes getting a job simply comes down to who you know. Launched back in 2003, LinkedIn offers users the chance to expand their connections, build their online CV and engage with companies and inspiring articles.

The website on a computer screen can be a bit messy – there are so many features on LinkedIn that sometimes they can appear inaccessible and unclear. I would never have thought about installing LinkedIn as a mobile app but it really is so much easier to navigate and see all the options available. A must for any aspiring professional.

Kettle rating: 5/5

JobLens (Exclusive to Windows Phone)

JobLens allows you to discover job opportunities according to your location and through your social network. When connecting the app to Facebook, I saw easily which industries my friends were in and which jobs were recommended for me. However, it seems to work on the assumption that the user has similar interests to their friends and relies on Facebook users having a complete and honest profile.

Kettle rating: 3/5

Waze (Available on Windows Phone, iOS and Android)

This is one for the drivers! Waze users informing each other of traffic jams, accidents, closures, police presence etc. The concept is good especially if you know you need a stress-free route to get somewhere but the problem is that its success depends on having active users in every part of the country. Also, if you are on the road and spot a hazard that users should know about, going on your phone to do so is not exactly safe when driving!

Having said that, checking the app before you head off on an important journey could be wise since word can spread more rapidly and easily via social media;

Kettle rating: 2/5

getHired (Available on Windows Phone and Android)

This app allows you to search multiple job engines with the same search so that you can easily scroll across to compare results for your chosen job industry and location.  It’s clear, easy-to-use and is sure to help save time when job hunting!

Kettle rating: 5/5

Bing Travel (Available on Windows Phone and within the Bing app on iOS and Android)

The Travel app, powered by Bing, allows you to see latest news stories about holidays, search nearby holiday destinations and attractions (based in Leeds, the app showed me Bradford, York and Haworth), explore trip ideas as well as check flight information. Students are travelling more and more to find opportunities and overcome a flailing job market. Graduates will have plenty to inspire them with this convenient app!

Kettle rating: 4/5

Editor’s note: All apps were tested on a Nokia Lumia device.

What do you think? Which of these apps will you be downloading? Are there any others that you think will be useful for recent graduates?