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Top 10 reasons on why you should study abroad

Written by Kealie Mardell

Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity and can form a valuable part of your degree.

Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity and can form a valuable part of your degree. Many universities offer a semester or year-long study abroad programme with a choice of destinations around the world. This could be your chance to live the dream and have a unique experience that you will never forget.


If wanderlust runs through your veins studying abroad could be the opportunity to go somewhere you have always wanted. There’s a wide world out there just waiting to be explored.


Living in a new country is completely different to the tourist experience. You will find new ways to explore, gain an insight into the country and expand the possibilities of places to visit. Every day is part of an adventure filled with new experiences.


One of the most valuable parts of studying abroad is that it allows you to fully immerse yourself in a new culture. You’re surrounded by different people who live a different lifestyle to your own, every day for the duration of your study. You have the chance to become a part of the culture during your time abroad.


One of the best ways to learn a new language is to study in the native country. By choosing to study in a country which speaks a foreign language you are stepping out of the classroom and living with the language. If this isn’t for you, there are plenty of English speaking options available.


Having distance from your own country and being immersed in a new culture can change your outlook and understanding of who you are and where you are from. It’s a chance to discover things about yourself and your lifestyle, which you won’t get from spending every weekend down the local!


Moving to a new country on your own and experiencing a different lifestyle can seem daunting, but it will build your confidence and independence in a unique and challenging way. Living away from your friends, family and home comforts forces you to discover things for yourself, and you might be surprised at what you are capable of. 


As your university will keep reminding you, this isn’t a holiday – You’re here to learn. Whether you are trying something new, expanding your knowledge, or gaining new experiences, studying abroad will be a valuable asset to your degree. Education abroad is likely to be very different, and you will find yourself learning new things in new ways. 


With your enhanced degree, new skills and experiences, studying abroad is a stand-out addition to your CV. Demonstrate the things you have learnt from the opportunity and how this can help further your career.


During your time abroad you will meet people and explore places that you could feel a lifelong connect with. From friends around the world, to the destination that is calling you home, the possibilities are just beginning.


Taking all of the above, your time studying abroad will be filled with unforgettable memories as you experience things that other people can only imagine. You have a chance to make the most of every moment of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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