Top 10 Feminists to follow on Twitter

It’s safe to say that Twitter is definitely one of the outlets feminists are able to use to project their views successfully in the global world. Therefore, it’s only just that someone delves into the realm of Twitter to find the Top 10 feminists. So here it is, my take on the Top 10 Feminists on Twitter.

Now before any keyboard warriors get frustrated that I haven’t mentioned their favourite feminist who deserves recognition, I understand that there are millions of feminists on the Twitter platform. However, the figures I have categorized as the Top 10 are from my own research and personal preference. If you do think that someone should be on this list, don’t hesitate to comment, I love to read about feminists from all around the world! 

1) Emma Watson (@EmWatson)

(that’s what muggles like to call her anyway)

 Image: Twitter.com/EmWatson

The fabulous Harry Potter star has been graced with the title of #1 feminist on Twitter.  

In 2014 she was appointed UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and she launched spectacular HeForShe campaign advocating gender equality. In fact this year, she even created a feminist book club (which I am proudly a member of).                                                                                   

Here’s her tweet launching the global HeForShe campaign:


2) Alexis Isabel (@lexi4prez)

Image: Twitter.com/feministculture

She created the infamous website Feminist Culture, and not only does she fight for gender, cultural and racial equality all around the world, but she also created a platform for herself and her peers to present current issues and views less likely to be conveyed in traditional media.

Alexis also has a personal account to convey intersectional feminist issues as well as views regarding politics and other controversial issues today. Although she may not be as well known as other feminists, she definitely deserves a place on our list!                                     




3) Matthew McGorry (@MattMcGorry)

He’s most famous for his roles is OITNB and How to Get Away With Murder, although he’s pretty new to the feminist scene he has undoubtedly showed that he is a proud intersectional feminist. He uses his Twitter profile as a platform to post and comment on current feminist issues, and he even created a feminist t-shirt for International Women’s Day, which turned out to be a huge success. Overall, although he’s a new feminist, his passion for feminism is undoubtedly clear, therefore he earned a spot on the list. 

Matt uses his Twitter profile to encourage other men to join the feminist fight against sexism and inequality:


And, here is his fabulous feminist t-shirt,


4) Lilly Singh aka Superwoman (@IISuperwomanII)

She is a Youtuber, entertainer and is renowned in the film industry. Lilly posts comical videos about society and even dresses up as her parents.

This year she created a feminist movement, #GirlLove, which fights against girls hating one another. In fact the movement focuses on how you should be able to support your fellow girls throughout life instead of bringing them down to make yourself feel better. The movement became a global phenomanen as Youtubers all around the world got involved as well as members of the public, hence she has earned rightful place upon the Top 10 feminists on Twitter.

Here is her original tweet and video regarding the hashtag #GirlLove:

And an example of how she promotes #GirlLove as well as body posi!


5) Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti)

She’s a blogger, a feminist writer, a staff writer, columnist for, The Guardian and has recently written a book!

Even with this going on, she still manages to promote feminism on twitter. She takes it upon herself to comment on issues around the world, and educate her followers on the latest news regarding the feminine space.

Here’s her take on how activist writers should be paid for educating society on controversial issues:

A gif she posted about men who like to grope women should be prepared to feel our wrath!

And, her take on how sexism does in fact start early…


6) Mara Wilson (@MaraWritesStuff)

Mara Wilson is also known as the wonderful child star who played the lead role in the film Matilda and her role in Mrs Doubtfire! Now, people might have thought she disappeared but she just became a writer and an incredible one! Her Twitter is full of her feminist opinions which are educational and very entertaining to read.

Here are a few of her tweets which I found quite amusing….

When the hashtag # Allfeministsareugly came out, she had a witty comeback :


7) Roxanna Gay (@rgay)

She is incredibly famous author in the book world. One of her most famous texts is “Bad Feminist Essays” which highlight why she is a supposed bad feminist, because of her liking of Rap music and other comical things. However, although she supposedly identifies as a bad feminist, it does not inhibit her ability to portray her feminist views on Twitter on a regular basis.

Here’s a tweet when she comments on the ironic lack of diversity as a woman of colour:


She also makes tweets about women’s bodies, confidence, and the POC of making jokes referring to their bodies:

She also points out a sexist commercial and cleverly compares it a dystopian novel:


8) Pink (@Pink)

Image: Wikimedia Commons

The pop/rock star is known for her sensational songs about how it feels to be a misfit of society, independence, broken hearts and even true love. On International Women’s Day she tweeted some pretty interesting feminist tweets, hence earned a place on the Top Ten Feminists on Twitter.

She deserves to be on the Top Ten because she tweeted some rocking gender equality tweets and gave a shout out to all women.

She also makes it clear that she supports Planned Parenthood because it provides a helping hand and education to young girls:


 9) Laverne Cox (@LaverneCox)

Image: Wikimedia Commons/DominicD

She’s most famous for her character in OITNB and is the first trans women nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award.  She’s considered to be an important member of the trans community. She deserves to be on the list, not only for her speeches about the trans community and it’s acceptance, but her feminist speeches too.

In fact she worked with Emma Watson, to form the hashtag #ILoveMenButHatePatriarchy.


10) Zendaya (@Zendaya)

She’s a Disney superstar and fashion icon, who even has her own Barbie doll out in the world. Yes, her own Barbie doll…. just let that sink in for a second.

Not only is she an advocate for feminism but she also regularly comments on controversial issues in society.

For example, she shut down a Twitter account for shaming a woman and her use of makeup.


And that’s all folks, my take on the Top 10 feminists today. Please comment below with other feminists who you think should be part of the Top 10!