Tips on giving your home that long over due make over

home make over
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Sometimes, a home makeover is all you need to snap out of a creative hiatus or to add a spring of life back into your property. Whether it’s new lights, a brush of fresh paint, or even a home extension, giving your property, a makeover can be as little or drastic as you want it to be.

If you’ve recently been putting the idea off but feel that a home makeover is long overdue, these inspiring interior design top tips are made in mind for you. Get ready to show off your bespoke home and be proud of it!

Stick to a Theme, or Don’t?

Researching interior design themes is always a good starting point when considering to renovate or redesign your home. The most common themes to consider include modern, industrial, bohemian, rustic, shabby chic, or minimalist. By deciding on a theme, you can establish a secure idea in your mind for what you’d like your dream home to look like, and in turn, designing is made easier. While there are no fixed rules with interior design, it often helps to colour coordinate your furnishings and decor through careful choosing to harmonise your home’s ambience.

However, matching furnishings, decor and colourings, can add warmth to a home just as much as quirky and punchy furnishings can offer a burst of personality. Test your creative skills and try repeating shapes and patterns throughout your home that echoes one another, such as rounded tables and rounded mirrors.

Expand the Space within your Home

Loft conversions and home renovations can easily open up your property and provide you with an inviting additional space to relax and socialise with loved ones. When starting a project like this always ensure to find a professional and trusted building service as this can make or break your project, high-quality firms will display trade body membership badges on their websites.

Loft conversions and home extensions can effectively add character and value to your property, which makes them an extremely popular design choice among homeowners today. They can also offer a sense of balance to an overly crowded home, which can be key for large families or those who lead busy lives and are in need of a tranquil space that is hidden away.  For many households, choosing to extend your property for additional space can also offer the convenience of not having to move elsewhere.

Bring in more Natural Light and Play with Artificial Lighting Features

Who doesn’t love a home that is filled with natural lighting? Natural lighting can do wonders for your wellbeing and allows rooms to feel unenclosed and airy. If your home does not benefit from natural lighting, there are luckily several ways you can achieve this through smart design choices.

For optimum results, try painting ceilings and walls with light tones to help reflect light into your rooms, apply higher gloss paint to turn your walls into mirrors, and use highly reflective tiles. If possible, you may want to consider installing sliding glazed doors or skylights in your ceiling, which can help to offer consistent lighting. From the kitchen to the bedroom, artificial lighting can equally add liveliness with a contemporary touch to rooms.

Try hanging pendant lighting over your dining table, LED lights above kitchen counters, or placing statement standing lamps in your living room for an inviting space.

Use Interesting Details

The phrase “it’s all in the details” rings extremely true of interior home design. If you want to refresh your home, try opt for details that are elegant or quirky, or even modern or whimsical.

For example, why not try a feature wall of framed prints, add vibrancy with potted plants, create warmth with cozy textiles, or make a bold statement by painting an accent wall. Above all, always choose details that are authentic to your tastes and ones that express your home’s personality. If there’s a particular  piece you find that catches your eye, whether furniture or decor, don’t be afraid to experiment with it to find how it can best compliment your home’s interior.

Rearrange Furniture and Remove Clutter For Additional Space

Out with the old, and in with the new. If you are short for space in your home and extensions are not an option, rearranging your furniture can be a simple but effective way to optimise your floorplans.

Likewise, sorting out clutter big and small can completely transform the size of your home and allow you to make room for your planned new interior. Avoid lining up your furniture in your living room against the walls, and instead try positioning it in the centre to create a spacious sociable seating area.