Five ways to make your home more comfortable as you age

Written by Nigel Simpkins

As you get older, your needs within the home will develop and change. Priorities become different, and you’ll have to adapt your house accordingly. When you’re young, you may prioritise a vast entertaining space, with room to have parties or accommodate lots of guests. Later down the line, you might want a home that is more comfortable to relax in, with a large jacuzzi bath.

Making changes within your home will allow you to remain independent and stay comfortable and happy in your home for longer. Beyond that, you’ll minimise risks and keep yourself safe as well.

If you’re looking to future-proof your property, then here are a few ways to do so.

1. Upgrade doorways/doors

Standard doorways, especially in older homes, can be too narrow to accommodate wheelchairs or other mobility assisting aids. You should aim for doorways to be at least 32.5 inches wide to allow accessible entrance, and even wider if possible.

If you would be required to turn into the doorway, you may need more space. You may also want to consider lowering doorknobs, so they are easy to reach and swapping out knobs for handles. Door knobs can be harder to grip, so a lever-style handle is a better option.

2. Install a stairlift

Almost all houses have staircases, and often bedrooms are located upstairs. It can become problematic as you age to climb up and down the stairs. Falling up, or even worse down, the stairs can lead to severe injury. A stairlift will take you quickly up and down the stairs without issue, and the investment is minimal. Stairlifts Cardiff will install your lift for as little as £800. It’s cheaper and more efficient than packing up and moving into a bungalow.

3. Swap out your furniture

Many furniture options are optimised for your needs as you age. In the living room, electric riser recliner chairs will make it easier to get up and down. They provide back support, armrests and footrests to keep your legs raised. For the bedroom, swapping to an adjustable bed will make your sleep much more comfortable. You can customise the mattress to give support to areas that need it. Plus, you can move it up and down electrically to quickly get in and out.

4. Create ease in the bathroom

The bathroom can become one of the trickiest rooms in the house as you get older. Usually, bathrooms are limited in space, which can provide an issue when you’re trying to move around. It also gets quite slippery as surfaces tend to be wet a lot of the time. Grab rails are a must-have, and you can purchase textured mats for the floor to reduce the chance of falling.

5. Declutter

Clutter tends to build-up a lot in the home, and while knick-knacks and home décor pieces might add character, they also present a potential hazard. Minimal is better as you age since too many things in the way could end in a trip or fall. Eyesight inevitably declines, and it can become harder to see things laying around. It is also easier to clean the house when you’ve got less to dust under and manoeuvre around.

By implementing these tips throughout your home, you can ensure comfortability and accessibility as you age.