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Tips to making some extra money as a student

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

Despite what some might think about students – that they schlep about all day, watching TV, playing video games, eating pasta and squandering their student loans on alcohol and, er… more alcohol – this is actually very far from the truth.

Attending university these days is literally bank-busting – so expensive in fact that most students know they have to work doubly hard to really get their money’s worth – not to mention a good degree at the end of it.

But most students also need to earn some cash money to make ends meet and this can be problematic with all their study commitments. So here are some money-making ideas that will afford any student the time to study.

Get an eBay business

Look in your cupboards and I’ll bet your find a mass of stuff that you no longer use. All this stuff can earn you bucks if you sell it on eBay. You can quite literally sell anything that you can get your hands on, whether it be old study books, that exercise bike you use to hang your clothes on – even old clothes can generate enough for a half decent night out. And once you’ve sold all of your old stuff, you can see your room mate’s stuff too. Actually, no – don’t do that. We don’t recommend that at all 🙂

Bar work

It’s long been a staple source of extra income for students wanting to earn a bit extra to bolster their finances and there are lots of reasons for this.  For instance there are usually lots of different shifts available to fit in with your timetable and, unlike lots of other jobs, if you’re working at busy times you’ll never get the chance to get bored. Plus, best of all, if you’re working all night in a bar, you can’t be out spending money in one.

Online gaming

There are lots of opportunities to win big online – and just as many to win little. Whether you play with pennies or pounds and as long as you are sensible, play with care and stop wen the enjoyment stops, there’s no reason why you can’t earn a few quid from the comfort of your sofa.

There are plenty of sites to choose from and compares a whole load of them to bring you the best choices from around the net.

Scientific guinea pig

For a drug to get licensed for sale in the UK it has to go through a whole bunch of trials to ensure they are safe for humans. Pharmaceutical companies are always on the hunt for healthy people to take part in these tests and are willing to pay good money. Full disclosure about potential side effects is given and there’s a thorough vetting process before anyone’s accepted. The frequency of check-ups needed in many trials is the main downside people report.

Remaining financially liquid at university is hard and finding a work/life balance can be tricky, especially at exam time when extra study is essential. Hopefully this guide will help you earn some extra dough.