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Tips for setting up the perfect studying area

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

When it comes to studying, the right location, equipment, and environment are essential. If your current study space is essentially on your bed, propped up by pillows with a laptop on your legs, surrounded by books and pens, then you’re already sabotaging your own success.

Revamping your current study space means giving yourself the right tools and the best opportunity for studying success. It’s not easy to concentrate when you’re uncomfortable if you can’t find the equipment you need, or your roommates are constantly distracting you. Dedicating an area of your room to be a place of study and knowledge is the best chance you have of acing those exams and keeping ahead of your studies. And the better you manage your studies the more time you’ll have to enjoy all the perks of being a student!

Read on for our best tips for setting up the perfect studying area.

Have access to everything you need

You may have a laptop to work on, but have you considered other equipment that might be useful to your studies? Having access to your own printer is essential – not only can you print off any study materials you require, but you can access and print forms, contracts, and other documents without having to take a specific trip to the library on campus. When investing in a printer, you’ll need a good supply of high-quality ink – you can get ink cartridges from Canon printers, here. Just remember to keep your printer topped up with ink so it’s always ready to use!

Get a desk

Studying for long periods on your bed or couch isn’t going to work. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it’s also impractical and makes concentrating on the task at hand, very difficult. A simple desk, big enough to place your laptop on, a notebook and your textbooks will help boost those levels of concentration and put you in the right mind for studying. You’ll be amazed at how much your levels of efficacy improve, with this simple addition to your study space.

Make it a distraction-free zone

If you’re living in a small, modest room then packing away all your tech and other distractions so you can study isn’t always practical. But keeping distractions such as smart devices, video games, messy food and drink and other people well away from your desk will help you maintain high levels of focus

Good lighting is key

Working in a gloomy, dark room is not only going to slow down your studies, but you’re also likely to strain your eyes and feel utterly miserable. Adding a desk lamp to your study area keeps your zone light and bright. Helping you remain focused throughout your study session. Remember that natural lighting is always the best option, but if your studies go on into the night, then a good lamp is key.

And finally, make it serene

A scented candle, a luscious green plant, incense…making your study space as serene as possible can help you feel relaxed and calm as you digest as much information as possible. Don’t neglect your wellbeing during those long study hours.