Tips for ensuring you are protected during your holiday

Holidays are time to relax with no worries on your mind, so making sure that everything goes smoothly and you are financially protected before you leave is vital; here are some tips to make sure you can fully enjoy your trip. 

Tell the bank

This is very basic but you must tell your bank if you are going away on holiday and taking a credit/debit card. If they see a transaction in another country on your account they will automatically freeze the card. 

Know which card you’re using

Again, sorry for stating an obvious point but be careful when you use your cards. If you need to take money out then only use your debit card, and if you are making a purchase then use a credit card. If you use the cards the other way around then the charges will be higher so make sure to remember which is which.

Pre-Paid travel cards

An alternative to taking your bank cards, these cards allow you to take a large amount of money without having to carry the cash. They sound like an excellent idea but I have heard stories of people being unable to use them as some places won’t accept them. If you fancy this option, do your research on your destination and make sure that they are accepted first. 

Research where you are staying

If you are booking your accommodation yourself then do a google search to see what the general reviews are and whether it is worth you staying there or not. It’s easy to find stories of people who arrive at their hotels to discover that it is not what they were expecting, so a little extra effort is worth it.

Get insurance

It is easy to find cheap insurance for your holiday. While using a credit card can protect you financially, insurance will give you peace of mind for other mishaps. Some even give you cover from the day you take out the policy and can continue after you have returned home.

Check for ABTA protection

If booking through an agency, check to see if they are a member of ABTA then you are protected in case something goes wrong with your booking, such as the company going bust.