Things to do in New York

Written by jenna_hardwick

For those of us that have been lucky enough to travel, or are planning to travel across the Atlantic, chances are one of the destinations at the top of the list is New York. So I have complied a list of things you should do or experience while in the City.

1. Take advantage of the free cultural festivals.

From Shakespeare performances in Central Park to film screenings in Bryant Park, and open air book readings at Brooklyn Bridge Park, there is definitely something for everyone.

2. The food!

You can literally find everything you could possibly want to eat and what’s even better is that because it is a 24 hour City, you can get it at anytime of the day or night, that alone is worth a trip across the ocean, right?

3. It’s place in popular culture.

You can’t walk past anywhere in the City that has not been on TV, whether it’s the grate in the sidewalk, Marilyn Monroe made famous, located at 586 Lexington Avenue, or the fact Sesame Street was created and set here.

4. Because unlike many modern City’s New York reinvents it past rather than destroy it altogether.

Just look at the High Line, built on a disused New York railroad running through the Meatpacking District and Chelsea, it is now an Urban park, elevated above the City and get this, it’s completely free! Not only that but it’s now home to galleries, street food vendors and local start ups selling their goods.

5. Theatres

The City has the highest concentation of theatres, compared to any other in the world, racking up an impressive 420, almost double the 214 London has to offer. So if plays and musicals are your thing you couldn’t go anywhere better.

6. Because wherever you go you’ll want your camera at the ready.

Whether it’s Grand Central Station, the Empire State building or Wall Street, theres always something to look at, as the City is home to many notable landmarks, all of which at some point have featured in a movie or favourite TV series (Friends!)

7. Shopping.

The extrodinary shopping, whether you have the budget of a regular Saks or Tiffanys shopper or opt for those everyday price ranges, like H&M. Whatever your style, whatever you want, you’ll find it in this City. It’s a playground for fashion forward thinkers and just for those who love to shop!

8. That skyline though.

Whether you come in winter or summer, staring out at the New York skyline, with the Empire State and Chrysler building taking pride of place. When people think of iconic skylines, midtown Manhattan is never far from the top of that list.

9. Central Park

In a City that never sleeps and that is often described as an urban jungle, filled with taxi horns, skyscrappers and subway rumbles there is a 843 acre park located right in the centre, i mean how is that even a thing? And not only that but it includes a zoo, restaurants, ice rink, theatre and a castle.

So if you really are considering taking a trip to New York anytime soon, whats stopping you? I can guarantee you won’t regret it!