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There’s nothing wrong with a 2:2

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Written by nadenechandler

Every university student works towards that magical 2:1 grade. Journalist and commentator, Peter Ormerod, says there is nothing wrong with getting a 2:2 degree.

He said: “The 2:2 felt like a reward for turning up; 16 years of education ending with a flubby ‘meh.’ Congratulations: you’re satisfactory.”

70% of graduates achieve a 2:1, and Ormerod mentions that those who graduate with a 2:2 stand out from the crowd. “You not only have a degree – you probably have a story, too. And that’s worth far more.”

The pressure of the result

Is there too much pressure placed on students to get a 2:1 or higher?

Yes, there definitely is. Even before I started my degree last September, I was already talking about working my absolutely hardest to get a 2:1. Let’s just say, I had no idea what a 2:1 was or how hard it was to get one. All I knew was that it was a grade, a good grade and basically if I didn’t graduate in 2017 with a 2:1, I would be a failure and wouldn’t stand any chance of getting a good job. 

I’ve just finished my first year at university, so the grades we achieved from modules do not count towards our final degree classification. I think this whole 2:1 thing scares students into thinking that if they don’t get a 2:1 they’ve wasted their degree and will struggle to find a job at the end of it. It probably does depend on the degree you’re studying for.

Take journalism, I’ve been on so many work placements in and around the UK. Not one employer has told me I need a 2:1 in my degree. The most important things they look out for are graduates who are determined, have their 100wpm in shorthand and some will ask for the NCTJ diploma. Not one has mentioned a 2:1.

Different paths

Every student is different, some work well academically, others prefer work placements. I myself had never been a strong performer at school, my GCSE grades were pretty basic and it wasn’t until A-levels when I realised my full potential and worked ridiculously hard to earn my place at university. I had my own target to reach ABB, there was none of this whole “everyone is working for a 2:1.”

Since being at university, it’s been a lot harder to even aim towards a grade. It seems that if you don’t reach that magical 2:1, you’ve failed. 

Some students are happy with the grades they’ve achieved. Some people stopped education once they’d finished their GCSE’s, others at A-levels. Any student who is at university should be proud that they’ve worked hard enough to secure their place and will know that they’ll graduate with a degree.

For some it may not be the desired 2:1 or a first which everyone starts university aiming and hoping to achieve. But a 2:2 can be just as rewarding. They’ve worked hard for what they have achieved! 

What do you think? Is there too much pressure to get a 2:1 or higher? Have your say in the comments section below.