The top 3 food stalls to try at Glastonbury

Glastonbury is only a few weeks away and as always, the lineup does not disappoint with headliners including the Foo Fighters, the slightly controversial Kanye West and music icons The Who. However, those lucky enough to have tickets to Glastonbury and other festivals this summer might be wondering what food they will be encountering and whether or not burgers will become their staple diet for the week.

At Glastonbury there is a variety of food available and you can experience a taste of different culinary delights as you walk along in your trusty wellington boots. Michelin Star food should not be expected but eating many overpriced greasy burgers would be a tragedy when so much great food is on offer. One may think that the burgers are quick and cheap, but they can sometimes be expensive and something you find at your local post-club burger joint back home; not something I would invest my money in! 

My top 3 picks of Glastonbury Food

Paella and Churros. 

Every time I arrive at Glastonbury, I always eagerly scout out the paellaria and it never disappoints! You can choose between a chicken and chorizo dish or the vegetable option and the portions are very generous; hunger will be kept well at bay. Prices are normally around £5-6 which won’t break the bank and you may even find yourself going back for more later in the day!

After your paella, churros and chocolate are perfect to complete your Spanish lunch or dinner. These delicious fried dough pastry sticks, covered in sugar, are very popular and are great for a sweet treat or snack as you are walking around and trying to catch as many acts as possible.

Chilly Banana

I only encountered this stall last year on the last day of the festival but the idea is fabulous and I will be looking for it again this year. Do you want a (relatively) healthy alternative to a lollipop? Then why not have a frozen banana lollipop dipped in chocolate, this is essentially what Chilly Banana is and it’s a must for any Glastonbury goer!

Annie Mae’s Mac n’ Cheese

This a favourite of mine but that may be partly down to my undying love for a good macaroni cheese! Last year this cheesy goodness was located near the Acoustic Stage, admittedly there were long queues but don’t be put off by them. The food is fantastic and if you don’t mind a bit of a wait then I would definitely recommend it. Annie Mae’s has a range of options with the ‘Don Macaroni’ consisting of macaroni, bacon, pesto and basil setting you back a mere £5.50, whilst an original Mac n’ Cheese was £5.

As you walk around the massive site you will notice food stalls trying their hand at comedy, with some being surprisingly funny such as Gandhi’s Flip Flops which sells ‘non-violent curries for the civilly disobedient.’ You can’t go wrong with a little bit of humour, fantastic music and tasty food so this Glastonbury I implore you all to ditch the burger van and try one of my Top 3.

Top tip: take as many photos as you can, including ones of these attempts at comedy!