The tech trends that every business will need to adopt to succeed in the next decade

Written by C Wolsey

Technology and business are supposed to go hand in hand. After all, the new technology wouldn’t reach the eyes and ears of millions of people without a great business leader understanding the needs of the public and marketing it so it is successful. The last ten years saw the mass introduction of smart technology. These innovations helped businesses communicate with people overseas, perform omnichannel experiences, and market in the relevant fields. As such, those who adopted these technologies were better able to succeed while those who didn’t failed.

Technology didn’t stop there, though. The current decade has already seen some new tech trends change how things are done. Therefore, it is important that you learn about the upcoming tech trends that you will need to adopt to succeed in the next ten years.

Artificial Intelligence

You are probably already aware of some of the different ways that artificial intelligence is shaping the world. You only need to scroll through social media for a few seconds to find examples of hypothetical artwork created by AI bots or an unlikely artificial cover of a popular song with a different singer. While it is certainly fun to use AI in this way, this tech trend also has applications for the working world.

Artificial intelligence can now automate responses to questions posed by humans to reply in a human-like manner. As such, businesses can adopt Ai to perform voice-to-text speech to save time or provide customer support. This is just the start of artificial intelligence, so expect these trendy programs to expand and become more useful over the next ten years.


Blockchain technology was first introduced as part of the cryptocurrency boom at the start of the previous decade as a way of protecting users of the cryptosystem. While there is no use in convincing people to use cryptocurrency this late in the game, the blockchain idea seems to have caught the eyes of some business experts.

Blockchain technology treats financial information as digital data. As such, it prevents external forces from distorting or adding anything to your financial information. Also, the blockchain codes imbued on your digital finances make it easy to trace in case it is stolen. As such, Blockchain technology is going to be vital for business security in the next ten years. If the trend continues to be popular, it may only be possible to trade with other businesses that are using blockchain technology.

Live Polling

In the past, the best way to receive customer feedback was simply to ask people about your business. The way that businesses can ask for customer feedback has slowly changed over the years. There were once questionnaires, social media surveys, spam emails, and live chatbots. However, these methods weren’t always capable of reaching the large audience you need. Also, the information gathered wasn’t always specific or easy to read in a short time frame. That is why most companies will be using live polling technology in the next ten years.

A live audience poll gathers quantitative data for you analyse in an effort to learn how your business is being perceived. As such, these live polls can be used to collect important feedback from your customers. This easy-to-read information can point out areas on which you can improve or highlight the parts of your business that customers enjoy. All it takes is a live word cloud to find out what is most associated with your company.


One technology trend that has continued to pick up steam throughout the last three decades is eco-tech. Not only can this new technology help toward saving the planet from climate change, but using it can also help toward improving your reputation among customers.

Eco-tech is a new technology that is introduced as a means to improve upon the techniques and outdated business practices that are harming the planet. For example, it was only brought to our attention that microplastics are having a profoundly negative effect on our oceans and climate. That is why modern businesses are choosing to avoid using single-use plastics and filtering their waste correctly to avoid contaminating the planet with microplastics. A company that visibly makes these trendy tech changes is going to look better in the eyes of the customer than one that does not. Therefore, adopting eco-friendly business practices can help you earn more money in the long run. Also, as more research is conducted, more eco-tech is being introduced into the workplace. As such, you can expect to adopt more of this tech as time goes on.


You may not be able to predict the future. However, new tech trends can point you in the right direction. Therefore, you should be able to use this information to learn how to continue to succeed in the next decade.