The science of obesity: What really makes us fat?

An interesting question, one that everyone assumes they know the answer to, pizza, chips and no exercise right?

An interesting question, one that everyone assumes they know the answer to, pizza, chips and no exercise right? Right, but these are foods that can be eaten when your lifestyle focuses on your health. For me, what really makes us fat is the unhealthy way that food and exercise is approached.

‘Everything in moderation’ is my diet motto. Without that pizza or portion of chips, how will your body know what bad food to process? 

It’s true that if you want the body of a Victoria’s Secret model you have to stick to a strict diet coupled with an intense exercise regime, but it is safe to say that anyone who wants to be fit, healthy and toned can achieve this without going to the extreme lengths that those in the public eye have to.

James Duigan, author of ‘Clean and Lean Diet’ and a trainer who works with many celebrities, believes in a clean and lean diet, which is more of a lifestyle rather than a diet. You cut out all the ‘toxins’ that we ingest on a daily basis, resulting in a naturally lean body. His lifestyle is one that works, focusing on eating foods that are natural and not pumped with unhealthy fats, sugar and wheat.

Many people believe that cutting out certain food groups or starving yourself will help you to lose weight—this frame of mind is somewhat deluded. Food is there because we need energy, just like cars need petrol to run. Getting nutrients from every food group is vital for energy and focus, which includes carbohydrates and fats; often the main groups believed to be the devil.

Carbohydrates can be found in brown rice, whole-wheat bread and types of legumes such as lentils. All are easy for the body to break down and haven’t had vital nutrients removed. The assumption is that if you’re not eating bread or foods that are seen as “filling” then you won’t be full and you’ll be grazing all day, but if your meals consist of every food group then your cravings will be fulfilled, so you’ll have no cravings for sugar or fatty foods. Fat is essential in any healthy diet, but not in the sense that your mind automatically thinks. ‘Good’ fats slow the rate in which sugar hits your bloodstream, allowing your blood sugar levels to stay steady, in turn keeping cravings at bay for a few hours longer. Good fats can be found in nuts, seeds, avocados, fish, meat and oils.

When it comes to exercise, you should try for 30 minutes five times a week- weights and cardio. Which sounds a lot but you can sneak in 30 minutes easily, whilst you’re watching TV do some sit ups or walk to work instead of taking the bus. Alternatively, hit the gym, the motivation in getting to the gym is where people really suffer. But you can never regret a workout, so encapsulate that amazing high exercise gives you and remember it every time you think you would rather stay in and lounge on the sofa.

In the science of obesity, what really makes us fat is the mindset that you have to cut out vital food groups or that you have to starve yourself, when really, it’s all about everything in moderation. 

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