The right way and wrong way for men’s grooming

Written by Harry J Mills

A new standard in male grooming seems to have been plucked out of thin hair.

A new standard in male grooming seems to have been plucked out of thin hair. More and more men no longer are self-conscious in admitting that they routinely tackle their undergrowth for a whole multitude of reasons.

Many say it’s to please the ladies, others argue it gives them an optical inch or two, whatever the reason behind it manscaping has become far more than a socially acceptable routine, it has become quite simply a non-negotiable.

The coined ‘Brozillian’ or ‘He-Wax’ is the latest trend in men’s hair-removal, transforming even the most macho-of us. A simple search on Google reveals more than 3,000 search results surrounding ‘Brozillians’ suggesting hairlessness among men has seen a surge in popularity. 

Knowing what is too far

But when is a light-trim too far? Is extravagant shaving, waxing, plucking and buffing okay in achieving this new standard in male-grooming? Most of you will be familiar with the concept of a ‘Brazilian’ if not it’s quite simple, it’s when a woman’s nether region doesn’t quite match the drapes or in layman’s terms—the removal of body hair from a women’s pubic region. 

A little self-preservation has never hurt anyone right? Wrong, as women so frequently remind us, we’re fully aware of the prolific pain attached to bikini-waxing and also how they’re so much better at dealing with pain than we are, so why are so many blokes so keen to ditch the trimmer for the hot-wax?

For some, body hair is an attractive quality for others it’s least desirable. Which is why I guess it’s not only polite to take the time to improving your grooming rituals, more so that it’s essential in today’s body conscious society. 

Arguably manscaping hasn’t happened overnight, and shouldn’t really take us by surprise lads it’s really just the next trend to consume the metrosexual male. If you haven’t heard of the term metrosexual then you’ve probably been hiding under a rock for quite some time now. 

Not the trend you’d expect it for

The traditional masculine archetypes of a man’s man has been replaced by lads and wingmen who’ve gone from strong and rugged to buff and bronzed and insistently repeat on displaying their hefty ‘heavage’ –  again in layman’s terms—the male cleavage located between a plunging neckline. Body hair should be scarce and pecs should impress, and you should be pro in post-workout selfies all in preparation for the Ibiza party season.

We’re all guilty of experimenting with a bit of fake tan, pinching a bit of our girlfriends cover-up and occasionally using our sisters hair straighteners, heck even owning our own ones but there is a line to be crossed, however where do we draw a line that so frequently becomes blurred.

How long will it be until we’re all wearing spanx, hair-extensions and are all carrying around a compact in our man-bags. I’ve heard the term masculinity in crisis thrown around and worryingly the crisis is more apparent than we think.   

Then again is it really such a bad thing that us men take better care of ourselves? Shouldn’t we all take pride in our appearance and how we present ourselves, after all nobody is a fan of a hairy chest carpet right? The real problem surely isn’t that we’re applying too much hair removal cream or hair gel, but actually knowing when we’re taking male-grooming too far.

The ‘Brozillian’ as a trend is probably more specifically tailored to the narcissists amongst us, and to me seems completely extreme and very unnatural. However a little maintaining does go a long way and if you only remember one thing from this article let it be, a little less lawn makes the tree appear that extra bit taller.

What do you think? How far is too far when it comes down to male grooming? Have your say in the comments section below.