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The reasons I study English Literature

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Written by bethy143

As soon as I say I’m studying English Literature, I can feel people judging me. Whether that’s because they think I’m a bore, or because they think I’m not going to find a job at the end of my degree, I’m not quite sure. So I’m here to tell you the reasons I did decide to study English Literature, and what I would like to do when I graduate.

How it all started 

Since I was little, I’ve absolutely adored reading. I read anything that I can get my hands on, whether that be a chick lit novel or a hard-hitting sci-fi novel. I think in my lifetime, I’ve probably read tens of thousands of books. I seem to be able to devour an entire book on my hour and a half commute to uni, which does come in quite useful when I need to read certain books for part of my course at short notice. By studying English Literature, I’m able to turn my passion into something that will help my career prospects, and isn’t that all part of the university experience anyway?

Second of all, I love writing. I currently have my own blog and have written tonnes of poems and short stories. I study Creative Writing alongside English Literature and have loved being able to focus on my own creative juices, whilst also exploring themes and characters in the other half of my degree. 

English Literature actually sets you up for the real world

Furthermore, English Literature actually sets you up for the real world, despite the fact we’re laughed at by other students for having so little contact hours. We don’t just spend our free time lazing around, in fact, there’s always something to do, which means we have to be organised, and able to avoid procrastination, skills which will be one hundred perfect needed in our future careers. 

Follow your heart 

I’m in my second year now and am really enjoying my degree. So many other people that I know hate their degrees, and I’m glad that I’ve followed my heart and done something that I enjoy. I loved studying English at college and feel really lucky to still be enjoying it now I’m at the university. As for career options, I believe that the world is my oyster, as nowadays many employers are looking for candidates with degrees in a wide range of subjects. However after doing some research, and realising that it’s time I started to narrow down my options, I’ve decided I’d like to do something creative, such as copywriting, or digital marketing. 

So there you go. I might be studying a degree that raises doubts, but I feel happy and content with my decision!